AI robots went to Dolphins-Chargers game and freaked out everyone

There is nothing better than the first Sunday of an NFL season. Whether you are settling in on the couch for an afternoon of football action, or finding your seat among friends to cheer on your favorite team in person, that first NFL Sunday is like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night. It just feels right.

Unless …

Unless you are at a game and see these AI ROBOTS SITTING NEXT TO YOU:

That’s right, among the fans sitting at SoFi Stadium on Sunday to take in the Miami Dolphins game against the Los Angeles Chargers were a bunch of AI robots. Imagine for a moment finding your seat after a pre-game trip to the concession stand, only to find Johnny No. 5 sitting next to you.

Apparently, the robots were part of a promotion for an upcoming movie called “The Creator:”

AI robots infiltrated the Chargers’ season opener at SoFi Stadium to promote 20th Century Studios’ “The Creator.” AI robots roamed amongst the crowd during the Dolphins’ 36-34 win over the Chargers on Sunday.

— The Sporting Tribune (@SportingTrib) September 10, 2023

In case you were curious, here is a trailer for that film, which is sure to win some Academy Awards. Provided, of course, scaring a stadium of fans is somehow a category next awards season:

On the bright side, at least these robots were not smiling:

Looks like the horror movie Smile coming out soon is doing promo stuff at baseball games tonight. Love when movies do stuff like this.

— Tucker Undale – Private Eye (@FellerSuthern) September 24, 2022

Perhaps I shouldn’t give the fine folks at 20th Century Studios any more marketing ideas …

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