Are there doors on the remastered Modern Warfare 3 maps?

Earlier today, the team at Sledgehammer Games and Activision posted an Intel Drop showcasing the remastered versions of the original MW2 (2009) maps coming to COD Modern Warfare 3. As previously revealed, all 16 of the core multiplayer maps from the original MW2 will be returning to MW3 at launch. While this is quite exciting for both veterans and newcomers of the COD series, there are some questions regarding how the remastered maps will be modernized. Specifically, community members want to know if doors will be featured on the remastered maps in MW3.

Below, I will dive into whether or not doors will be a factor in the upcoming COD title.

Will there be doors on the remastered maps in MW3?

A new way to experience classic maps 👉

Take a look at the process behind modernizing all 16 launch MW2 (2009) maps for Modern Warfare III Multiplayer. The player experience offers both nostalgia and modern gameplay mechanics #MW3

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) September 13, 2023

The doors feature on maps has been present since Modern Warfare 2019. The feature has been quite controversial since then, as some players feel it adds a new tactical layer to gameplay while others don’t like having to give their position away by swinging open a door. I fall into the latter position, so I personally was hoping doors would be left off the remastered maps in MW3.

However, despite doors not being present on the original MW2 maps in 2009, it appears they will be making an appearance on at least some maps in MW3. As we see in this screenshot of Quarry from the Intel Drop posted earlier today, there appears to be a door over an entryway to a building.

As I said though – doors. #MWIII

— MW2 OG (@TheMW2Ghost) September 13, 2023

The blue door is not present in the original Quarry map, in case you were wondering. This seems to indicate that doors will be a feature on the remastered maps, at least in some capacity. We’re not entirely sure how many doors will be present on the maps at this time.

It’s possible that some maps, such as Rust, Highrise, Wasteland, etc. will not feature any doors at all. Certain maps really don’t allow for any door placements and we know that the developers at Sledgehammer will keep the maps generally the same in terms of overall design. However, with maps like Karachi, Invasion, Quarry, and Skidrow, there will likely be at least a few doors. Those maps have plenty of entrances and doorways, so expect to swing open a door or two on them when MW3 launches.

We’ll see just how big of an impact doors will make on certain MW3 maps when the open beta begins on Oct. 6.

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