Bill Kristol needs to rewrite his tweet on Putin taking Crimea after Trump won

One thing we didn’t see during the Trump administration that we saw during the Obama and Biden administrations was Russia’s Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine. It was nice not sending billions in aid to Ukraine to fight an endless proxy war with Russia.

Janan Ganesh has a piece in the Financial Times taking issue with the way Harry Truman was depicted in “Oppenheimer.” “Imagine Ukraine right now without a committed US. In another 18, depending how Americans vote, you might not have to,” Ganesh writes. “The lesson of this decade so far is that liberalism isn’t tenable without hard power.”

Bill Kristol thought that was worth sharing, but he misquoted Ganesh in his tweet. “Since the last decade, when Donald Trump won the presidency, Vladimir Putin took Crimea and Xi Jinping set China on a more assertive path, liberals have tried to put a name to what we are defending from these revisionist leaders,” Ganesh wrote. But Kristol put it this way:

“Since Trump won, Putin took Crimea and Xi Jinping set China on a more assertive path, liberals have tried to put a name to what we are defending…The best effort, the ‘rules-based international order’, is terrible. So call it the Truman Show.”

— Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) September 9, 2023

Putin took Crimea in 2014, right after Obama said he was cool with it.

— JWF (@JammieWF) September 11, 2023


Putin took Crimea in 2014, no?

— Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) September 9, 2023

Putin took Crimea in 2014

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) September 11, 2023

Call this the ratio show.

— Noam Blum 🚡 (@neontaster) September 11, 2023

Is Kristol too stupid to realize the mistake about Crimea or does he just not care? And which is worse?

— Varad Mehta (@varadmehta) September 11, 2023

He doesn’t care.

The article itself frames all three events as separate issues but related.

Kristol is actively rewording it.

— Michael Blum (@MichaelBlum3) September 11, 2023

Why didn’t he just copy and paste?

Kristol edited it. Take a look at the original.

— Poundshop Baby Bully 🧟‍♀️ (@wordeths) September 11, 2023

You’re quoting this to fact-check it, right?

— Damin Toell (@damintoell) September 11, 2023

Oh, I didn’t know Trump was President in 2014.

— JayJay McMaster, CD (@tantrumblue1) September 11, 2023

This entire article is one gigantic cope replete with factual errors.

In other words, exactly Bill Kristol’s cup of tea.

— Ultra Grateful Calvin 🇺🇸🐶🏒 🎶 (@shoveitjack) September 11, 2023

Community Notes coming for the blatant falsehood.

— Amerigo Chattin (@AmerigoChattin) September 11, 2023

I’m sure @ddale8 will be right on this

— Dan Stringer, SEC Pimp (@Danstringer74) September 11, 2023

As we said above, Kristol didn’t copy and paste from the original stupid article. He intentionally reworded it, but why? It certainly didn’t fool anyone. It just makes him look like a tool.


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