Britt Devens Releases Bewitching New Long Player ‘Here I Go Again’

Britt Devens
Photo: Trevor Huster

Colorado-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Britt Devens recently dropped her album, Here I Go Againmirroring a decade of music and memories, relating stories of good and healthy times, bad and toxic times, and all that happens in between.

Talking about Here I Go AgainDevens shares, “The album is full circle. I’m back home in Colorado and after years of not being able to fully commit to my art due to choices that no longer align with my values and life happening as it does, ‘here I am, here I stand, here I go again’ (lyrics of the title track) is a metaphor of so many things in life. I’m sure many people can relate…it’s about gettin’ after your dreams or whatever it is you’re working towards, standing up and trying again. Just keep going and trust the process!”

Co-produced by Devens and Ben Pisano, the album features the musical talents of Emily Winter (violin), Teodor Vanovski (percussion), Max Hass (bass), William Falkner (electric guitar), and Ben Waligoske (pedal steel).

Encompassing 10 tracks, Here I Go Again opens with the tender, beautiful “Tell Me,” rolling out on finessed percussion topped by creamy, sparkling coloration. Devens’ voice projects a yearning, vulnerable sensation, imbuing the lyrics with tints of wistful allure.

Entry points include the title track, with its delicious intro, highlighted by the keening violin of Emily Winter. A folk-country rhythmic flow gives the tune a pushing-lite cadence as Devens’ oh-so-charming, slightly breathy vocals infuse the lyrics with resolve.

“Here I am here I stand here I go again / This job of mine it beats me up, but I count my blessings every single night / I didn’t get the raise and that’s ok my Momma said it’ll give me time to write.”

A personal favorite because of its twangy, pedal-steel-flavored melody, “Over-Lovin’ You” conjures up suggestions of early Linda Ronstadt crossed with Judy Collins, only there’s a rounded, haunting aspect to Devens’ voice that’s simply magical.

“Goodbye LA,” another gem of a song, rides a bouncy-lite rhythm as shimmering layers of instrumentation glide overhead. A controlled, gleaming guitar provides lusciously luminous accents while Devens displays her crème de la crème tones.

“Your Mama said you finally found your fate / But if I’m ever back out your way / Honey I’ll stay out of your face / I won’t miss my train / Goodbye LA.”

The gorgeously evocative “I Kinda Like” reveals the profound emotions of love for another person, focusing on all the small things that attract like a magnet.

With Here I Go AgainBritt Devens delivers an especially superb album, one exposing her complicated relationship with life and music.

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