Brown put its own spin on Statue of Liberty play for college football’s coolest touchdown

The cyclical nature of football gives us the opportunity to see creativity in the sport at their lowest levels, that’ll eventually find their way up into Kyle Shanahan or Andy Reid’s playbook. The Statue of Liberty is not a new play, we all remember Boise State running it to take out Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl in 2007. However, as football progresses, we’re going to begin to see new variants of the Statue of Liberty, spin-offs with the same bones and structure of the trick play, but presented in a different way.

Such as what we saw Brown University run in what might be the coolest play of the college football season, an offshoot of the old Statue of Liberty play. Behold, in all of its glory:

A few things stand out to me about this play. The first one is how committed to the cause this QB is. For this play to truly work, the QB has to be willing to get obliterated by this free runner off the edge and to make this flip while seeing the imminent danger approaching.

The next thing: this receiver goes FULL SEND for this touchdown. This is gonna be played in those “how much do you want it” hype videos every football team produces before the game next week. This hero at receiver goes completely airborne and helicopter spins into the endzone. That is dedication on another level, and I salute him.

I can’t wait to see if Andy Reid has this play installed. We’re going to see Kadarius Toney take off around the edge and it’ll all be due to Brown football.

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