Cybertruck caught doing off-road tests Starlink for data as release date tipped for October

Lifted Cybertruck with Starlink setup (image: MuddyRuttzz/YT)
Lifted Cybertruck with Starlink setup (image: MuddyRuttzz/YT)

Tesla may deliver the Cybertruck later than expected while it keeps running more tests on the electric pickup. The Cybertruck Release Candidates have been filmed lifted to the maximum that their air suspension allows for some off-road tests.

Tesla engineers are seemingly still testing the Cybertruck Release Candidate vehicles in various real-life scenarios as two of the electric pickups were caught doing off-road rounds at the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area. This off-road park is situated in the Gabilan Mountains just an hour drive from San Jose, yet Tesla engineers still had a Starlink satellite Internet setup active to immediately transfer testing data from the boondocks to Tesla’s HQ.

The park visitor who spotted the Cybertrucks was in his turn doing some off-road recreation with an EcoDiesel Jeep Gladiator when they came around the electric pickups. The Tesla employees let him do a walkaround of the Cybertrucks and demonstrated the air suspension lifting abilities which apparently allow for quite a big ground clearance “differential,” according to his comments. The Cybertruck had 20-inch rims with quite the massive all-terrain tires on them.

Unfortunately, all that frantic testing of Cybertrucks everywhere – on and off road – as well as hauling trailers or doing night time driving, is taking its time. When asked when will Tesla release the Cybertruck, the employees said in October. This doesn’t mean that Elon Musk can’t still stage the big Cybertruck launch event in September, like he said Tesla could do, just that the bulk of the first deliveries to customers or showrooms around the country may happen at a later date.

The Tesla people at the off-road park had no idea about the Cybertruck’s final retail price, though. The industry influencers who would get their Cybertrucks first were reportedly told to expect pricing in the “mid to high 70s,” most likely for the tri-motor trim. The Cybertruck is also expected to be released in a cheaper dual-motor configuration, while the base RWD model or the eventual quad-motor Cybertruck should come at a later date.

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