Deal Dive: Elder tech is expanding beyond reactive solutions

My grandpa will turn 93 this November. He’s my last living grandparent, and while he hasn’t made it this far without any health complications, he’s largely thriving and still able to maintain a garden, brew beer and try new baking projects.

My family has long attributed his longevity to how active he’s remained. He still takes walks, and he maintained his lawn until just a few years ago. He’s a living example of how important exercise is for those who are aging — hopefully mixed with some good genes, for my sake!

Bold is built on the same premise. The Los Angeles–based startup created a digital at-home fitness platform for aging adults that creates personalized exercise routines to help with common ailments like arthritis and balance issues. The startup announced a $17 million Series A round on Tuesday, led by Rethink Impact with participation from Primetime Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Khosla Ventures, among others. This brings the startup’s total funding to $27 million.

Amanda Rees, the co-founder and CEO, came up with the idea for Bold after working as a caregiver for her grandmother, starting in her 20s. Rees said that her grandmother was prone to falls and also had diagnosed cancer and dementia. The experience really opened Rees’ eyes to some of the shortcomings older adults face.

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