Dreaming of Taylor Swift’s Wrexham Performance, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Reunites With 12X Grammy Winner in New York

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s dream of taking Wrexham to a global level is coming to fruition slowly but steadily. The recent promotion to League Two represents just the initial step in their ambitious journey. The Hollywood duo has many more ticks to fill for Wrexham’s bucket list. One particularly exciting item is to host a performance by pop icon, Taylor Swift.

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Recently many A-list stars joined Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and the 12x Grammy winner in a reunion. The streets of New York saw a night filled with stars as they gathered for a celebration.

Ryan Reynolds takes time out for a reunion


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On a star-studded evening in the heart of New York City, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and a cadre of A-list celebrities celebrated their friendship and reunited with none other than pop sensation, Taylor Swift.

The city that never sleeps bore witness to this electrifying gathering of talent. With paparazzi capturing every move as the trio of Reynolds, Lively, and Swift walked into the restaurant, transforming the sidewalk into a stage.

When the night came to a close, security personnel securely escorted them to their vehicles, shielding them from the paparazzi’s flashing cameras. The New York City skyline provided a stunning backdrop to this unforgettable reunion.

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Before Wrexham Ownership

Reynolds was earlier spotted at his team’s match against Grimsby Town and seemed ecstatic after the team won their third consecutive match in League Two, winning 3-0 against their rivals. The Deadpool star took his feelings to social media to share his joy with the fans.

A proud Ryan shares his thoughts on social media


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In a thrilling match, Wrexham, led by Phil Parkinson, overpowered Grimsby Town. Ryan Reynolds, the team’s co-owner, couldn’t contain his pride. The Red Dragons exhibited unwavering confidence throughout the game, putting relentless pressure on Grimsby’s defense.

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Taking to social media, Ryan Reynolds shared his elation, posting pictures and captions that captured the essence of the triumphant day. His posts exuded joy, with phrases like “What a day what a win. Up the town. Smiles all around” and “Home Sweet Home,” resonating with fans and teammates alike.


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Among the standout moments, Ollie Palmer scored the opening goal. The goal was then followed by William Boyle’s stunning header. Elliot Lee scored the third goal underscoring the team’s strength. Paul Mullins also made his comeback from a rib injury. This added to the celebration and further cemented this memorable day in Wrexham’s history

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