Flyana Boss Pokes Fun At Industry Plants In “You Wish” MusicVideo

Flyana Boss has released the official music video for their viral track “You Wish.” The colorful rap duo makes fun of professional realities and channels their superhero energy in the vivid visual. Directed by Brad Wong, the Los Angeles-based group partnered with DoorDash for the effort.

According to a press statement, in June, Flyana Boss shared a TikTok video featuring “You Wish” playing as they rode DoorDash branded bikes. The response, including 10 million views, resulted in the final collaboration.

In the music video, Bobbi LaNea and Folayan challenge the idea of being industry plants, incorporating blatant product placement, and a visible, high-budget music video set, complete with special effects.

Flyana Boss


The official video for “You Wish” follows a remix featuring rap veteran Missy Elliott and fellow newcomer Kalii. During an interview with PopSugar, Flyana Boss called the track “old school meets the new school.”

“There’s nothing but encouragement we’ve received from her. It’s our wildest dream to even have her say our name, let alone in a song of ours, let alone all the DMs, the tweets, the responses. It’s unbelievable. Hopefully, we’ll have a long history with Missy,” added the girls reflecting on working with the After the Fly Soup pioneer.

.@flyanaboss ???‍♀️?

— Missy Elliott (@MissyElliott) July 6, 2023

“We would love to build more on the Missy world.”

Flyana Boss is currently on the Age Of Pleasure Tour with Janelle Monáe. Watch the music video for “You Wish” above and check out the official remix featuring Missy Elliott and Kalii below.

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