Here Are Some ‘Starfield’ City Maps, Since The Game Doesn’t Have Any

New Atlantis


As much as I have been enjoying Starfield, there is one aspect that I don’t think is especially defensible, that none of its major cities have ground maps, just floating icons in a sea of nothingness without any context at all.

I could may have understood there not being topographical maps on the randomly generated “tiles” on planets. I also wonder if this was some backwards attempt at “exploration” within cities by encouraging people to wander around. But at around the 25th minute I was trying to find the real estate office in New Atlantis, yeah, I agree, it’s bad.

What the hell is this


However, fans have naturally jumped on top of this ASAP, and Starfield DB has whipped up some really great interactive maps that help out in showing you A) the general city landscape (I had no idea what places like New Atlantis and Neon were actually shaped like) and B) individual shops and points of interest and even important people to talk to.

I will link to all the maps, but you can see a static version of them here so you get an idea. Go to the one here for a clickable version. This is New Atlantis, a city that is actually fully traversable, despite the game making you think it needs a bunch of load screens by always sending you to the train.

New Atlantis


Here’s Akila Citythe one that makes me go “seriously, they couldn’t have done a normal map for this” more than any other:

Akila City


Here’s Neonwhich is not easily traversable without a bunch of load screens. I had no idea it was essentially a straight line you were walking across:



Here’s Cydoniathe Mars mining base, which sort of does illustrate one of the challenges here, as this map had to be vertical, on its side, because of all its levels:



I get that some of these places more than others would have been tougher to draw specific maps for, and Bethesda’s philosophy is “if you can’t do it with one thing, you can’t do it with anything.” So here we are. This feels like something that would need to be fan-modded in, as it’s hard to imagine Bethesda is going to have some giant map update themselves, if they committed this hard to the philosophy at launch here.

But I do have to admit I bet there are some pretty significant challenges given the verticality of some of these spaces, which include not just Cydonia, but would be similar if you wanted maps for all the random towers and spiraling mining tunnels on planets. Still, I think having maps, even somewhat confusing ones, would be miles better than the blur of turquoise nothing the game launched with in its place.

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