“I Like to Do It and I Feel Good,” a 91-Year-Old Grandpa Followed His Dream Despite Everything

Many people like to stick to the famous quote “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” While some might see work as a source of income, others enjoy every bit of it. Your age doesn’t define your success, and it should never be a barrier to pursuing the passion. This 91-year-old barber is a true example of it all.

Work is what keeps him in good shape.

Rohloff’s decision to open Bob’s Old Fashioned Barbershop at the age of 91 is a testament to his unyielding passion for his craft. “Once people retire, it isn’t that easy. They’re gonna want to keep their hands on something. I like to do it, and I feel good. It’s fun coming over here, working in Hortonville,” Rohloff shared with a smile.

As you step into Bob’s Old Fashioned Barbershop, you’re immediately transported back in time. The vintage charm of the shop is not just a theme; it’s a living legacy. The only thing older than Rohloff in his shop is his 100-year-old customer chair. “There aren’t that many old-fashioned shops left in the country, and we’re gonna try and keep it that way,” Rohloff proudly declares.

Rohloff’s journey in the world of barbering began in 1948 when, as a teenager, he embarked on an apprenticeship with his father. Those early days were spent honing his skills with a pair of scissors at the Appleton Vocational School.

“We did barbering at one of the old hotels and cut people’s hair off. They came in off the street, and we’d work in front of a barber board. That’s where we got our training. After three years, we went to Green Bay for our final test,” Rohloff reminisced.

After completing his training, Rohloff opened two barber shops in Wisconsin and later spent 18 years cutting hair in Arizona. However, his heart always remained in Wisconsin, and he eventually returned to his roots to become the main attraction in Hortonville.

He doesn’t see retirement in the near future.

Working alongside Rohloff is co-owner Mark Karweick, who couldn’t be happier to have such an experienced partner. “He’s the best barber I’ve had in a long time,” Karweick enthusiastically stated.

Their partnership isn’t just about cutting hair; it’s a journey of mentorship and continuous improvement. Karweick explained, “I learned how to make a barbershop run, how to make it relaxed, how to deal with customers, how to make them feel comfortable. Certainly, how to cut hair. I’ve picked up quite a few little differences, which have been great.”

For Rohloff, retirement is not in the plan, even after spending over 75 years behind the barber chair. His advice to all, regardless of age, is simple yet profound: “Don’t quit. I don’t think you will enjoy yourselves. Stay active in something, whether it’s a hobby or a job, but you got to stay active.”

As Rohloff continues to work his magic with scissors and clippers, he stands as a shining example of how pursuing one’s passion can keep the spirit alive at any age. His journey is a “shear” delight, and his story reminds us all that our dreams and passions can endure the test of time, just like the timeless art of barbering at Bob’s Old Fashioned Barbershop in Hortonville, Wisconsin.

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