Jennifer Egan on a Solution for Homelessness

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About 1.4 million people in the United States end up in homeless shelters every year, with many thousands more living on the street. You could fill the city of San Diego with the unhoused. But there are proven solutions. For the chronically homeless, a key strategy is supportive housing—providing a stable apartment along with services like psychiatric and medical care on-site. The New Yorker contributor Jennifer Egan spent the past year following several individuals as they transitioned into a new supportive-housing building in Brooklyn. “Is it easy to bring people with these kinds of difficult histories into one place in the span of eight months? No,” she tells David Remnick. “Does it work? From what I have seen, the answer is yes.” Plus, the staff writer Jia Tolentino talks to Naomi Klein about her new book, “Doppelganger,” which spins a simple case of mistaken identity into a metaphor for the fragility of our society. And Joe Garcia, an inmate serving time for murder in California, reads from his recent New Yorker essay, “Listening to Taylor Swift in Prison.”

Jennifer Egan on a Solution for the Chronically Homeless

Egan spent a year chronicling a new supportive-housing building in New York. This kind of facility works to end homelessness. What would be needed to scale it up nationwide?

Naomi Klein Speaks with Jia Tolentino about “Doppelganger”

Klein is commonly confused with Naomi Wolf, a writer who has embraced conspiracy theories. She discusses what this case of mistaken identity says about our fragile society.

Joe Garcia Reads “Listening to Taylor Swift in Prison”

An inmate in California serving a life sentence reads from his recent New Yorker essay about how he connects with Taylor Swift’s music.

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