Lauren Boebert Responds to Being Kicked Out of ‘Beetlejuice’ Musical

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was reportedly kicked out of a performance of the “Beetlejuice” musical, accused of vaping, illegally recording and “causing a disturbance” during the show.

During the performance at the city-owned Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado, on Sunday night, two patrons were asked to leave during the touring Broadway show, according to the incident report obtained by Newsweek on Tuesday. Prior to being asked to leave the venue, the two were issued a warning during intermission regarding their behavior, which had prompted multiple complaints from other theatergoers, officials with Denver Arts & Venues said in the report. They didn’t stop their disruptive behavior and became “argumentative,” prompting venue staff to call police and give them the boot, according to the report.

While the report redacted the names of those involved, Boebert, the Colorado congresswoman, appeared to respond to the incident, saying she admits to “laughing and singing too loud” in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

Boebert Escorted Out of Musical
U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert is shown in Washington, D.C., on January 31, 2023. The Colorado Republican had to be escorted out of a Sunday performance of the “Beetlejuice” musical in downtown Denver, accused of vaping, singing, recording and “causing a disturbance” during the musical, according to reports. Kevin Dietsch/Getty

“It’s true, I did thoroughly enjoy the AMAZING Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre and I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud,” she said in the post. “Everyone should go see it if you get the chance this week and please let me know how it ends!”

It’s true, I did thoroughly enjoy the AMAZING Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre and I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud! 🤭

Everyone should go see it if you get the chance this week and please let me know how it ends! 😅

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) September 12, 2023

Newsweek reached out via email to representatives for Boebert on Tuesday night.

Boebert’s campaign office, while disputing some of the behavior alleged, also confirmed to local outlet The Denver Post that the lawmaker was escorted from the theater.

Buell Theatre officials said at least three other patrons plus several ushers had noticed Boebert and her companion vaping and using cell phones. They were warned again and told that they “need to be respectful to their neighbors.”

“Since, there was already multiple complaints, I informed the patrons that if there was another issue that they would be asked to leave,” the unnamed official said in the report. “The patrons were argumentative. Saying they were in concert with everyone around them.”

About five minutes into the musical’s second act, a theater official radioed that there had been another complaint about the patrons “being loud” and using their phones to record. Photographing or recording Broadway performances is prohibited. At that point, staff called the Denver Police Department (DPD) and the theater’s security manager was asked to escort the patrons out of the venue. They refused to leave and were informed if they did not that they would be trespassing. After arguing with staff, they left “on their own” but became combative again in the vestibule, the report says.

“I speak to the patrons in the vestibule, again telling them they have to leave the property and they argue,” an official says in the report. “They say stuff like, ‘Do you know who I am?’ ‘I am on the board.’ ‘I will be contacting the mayor.'”

Boebert and her companion were escorted off the property.

“I escort them with security and DPD to outside the doors to the galleria and asked DPD to monitor them until they left the property, and they left after a couple of minutes,” a Buell official said in the report.

A spokesperson for the DPD confirmed to Newsweek that the department was called by Buell officials on Sunday regarding two disruptive patrons but said that the individuals were already out of the theater by the time officers arrived.

Drew Sexton, campaign manager for Boebert, told the Post that the congresswoman denied vaping during the show. She did admit to using her cellphone to take a picture of the performance, saying that she was unaware that photos weren’t allowed.

“I can confirm the stunning and salacious rumors: in her personal time, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is indeed a supporter of the performing arts (gasp!) and, to the dismay of a select few, enthusiastically enjoyed a weekend performance of ‘Beetlejuice,'” Sexton wrote in the statement to the Post.

Update 09/13/23, 3:50 p.m. ET: This article has been updated with comment from the DPD.

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