LGBTQ allies sad that all-Muslim council banned display of Pride flags

It was right in the middle of June — better known now as Pride Month — that the Hamtramck, Michigan city council voted to ban the display of the Pride flag on public property. The city council is all Muslim, which was celebrated until the flag decision. A lesbian clown — yes, an actual clown with a red nose — showed up at a council meeting to protest, to no avail.

It’s mid-September now, and the Washington Post for some reason has decided to revisit the story, noting that allies and members of the LGBTQ community feel betrayed after being so accepting of Muslims in “their” city.

An all-Muslim council’s decision to block the display of Pride flags on city property in a small Michigan town has angered allies and members of the LGBQT community, who feel the support they provided immigrant groups has been reciprocated with betrayal.

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) September 16, 2023

Cheer up … the president flew a Pride flag on the White House and invited trans women to flash their fake boobs at a Pride celebration on the lawn.

I blame MAGA Republicans. They are the ones radicalizing LGBT allies in Muslim communities.

— Tanya Berlaga (@TBerlaga) September 16, 2023

You accept immigrants for who they are or not at all. There’s no quid pro quo here.

— Scott G (@scttfrnks) September 16, 2023

How do you say based in Arabic?

— BowTiedPlayer | Culture, economics, dating (@Bowtiedplayer) September 16, 2023

“The council’s unanimous vote in the middle of Pride Month seemed intentional to Stackpoole and others, though the resolution banned not only the rainbow flag but all flags except for the U.S., state, city and POW/MIA banners.”

— Brian Doherty (@BDOH) September 16, 2023


I’m sure the Muslim community cares 😀

— Yo😐🦋🌮🍊⚖️ (@TheSpinDr7) September 16, 2023

Leftists support “diversity” only as long as it agrees with them.

— Brandon Gill (@realBrandonGill) September 16, 2023

I don’t know how they didn’t see this coming.

— anonhamster (@anonhamster1) September 16, 2023

They just assumed everyone would reject the straight white male Christian Republicans’ views, seeing as they’re anti-LBGTQ and anti-Muslim. A shared enemy, right?

Why don’t those allies and members of the LGBTQ community create an “Imams of Perpetual Indulgence” chapter and protest with public displays of nudity?

— David (@AngryDingo) September 16, 2023

Is that how they think this works? Hey we paid you lip service, now please abandon your social and religious beliefs for us.

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) September 16, 2023

Having known several (D)’s in charge of “outreach” to Catholics… yeah, this is pretty much how they think it works.

— MasterThief, Laptop Class Traitor (@MasterThiefEsq) September 16, 2023


The Communists are so used to getting their way on every single issue that it confounds them that immigrants who practice a notoriously strict religion would dare to oppose the Alphabet Mafia.

— Sloppy Joe’s Easter Bunny (@IggyJReils_) September 16, 2023

This story is old and Pride Month is over, so why is WaPo doing a sob story on the flag ban now? They must be desperate for pro-LGBTQ material.


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