Mark Richards Timeline

Mark states he was framed in 1982 for the murder of his friend Richard Baldwin, this was to provide a convenient way for the government to keep him quiet and discredit him for the time that he spent in the Secret Space Program. During his time in the SSP Captain Mark Richards was in charge of a starship enterprise type vessel, fighting the war against aliens bent on the takeover of Planet Earth.

This docuseries is based on Captain Mark Richards CDCR# C89732 who is a convicted murderer serving life without parole in Solano Vacaville California, Mark is a top Whistle blower for conspiracy theorist Kerry Cassidy, From November 2013, Kerry has interviewed Mark over Twelve times in person.

Mark claims to have been a captain in a secret space program and for over 30 years, Captain Mark Richards has been and still is, a prisoner of the war between on and off planet races that have dominated Earth for centuries. He is an honorable officer of the Navy" who because of his rebellion against the Draco and Reptoids (Luciferin alliance) is considered a threat to their operations. He was captain of starship enterprise type vessel, fighting the war against aliens bent on the takeover of Planet Earth.

Mark states that his most active period as a space captain was from 1976-1982. During this period, Mark allegedly flew various craft, including the SR-71 and alien ships, as well as operating naval vessels. He interacted with at least seven alien species. Among the vessels he is said to have commanded was one of nine Orion-class "atomic battle cruisers," whose designers included a claimed relative of Mark's mother. He is said to have served off-planet, fought alongside Prince Nagadraconius, and taken part in several important space battles with aliens, such as the battle of China Gates

The claims made by Mark Richards have been told on YouTube videos, blogs, podcasts including talk shows like Project Camelot who specialize in alternative whistleblower testimony. Hosted by investigative journalist Kerry Cassidy she calls Marks one of the best sources of information she currently has. Marks Wife Jo Ann Richards has been a featured speaker at many conferences.

Mark Richards has been in prison for over 38 years CDC# C89732. He is currently serving a sentence of life without parole in the Solano State Prison in Vacaville, California.

The story of the crime and the events around Richard’s trial are interesting, but it is his "other life" that first draws one’s attention. Mark Richards claims he was having dinner with the Secret Space Program at the time of the murder.

Mark prefers to be known as "Captain" Richards, although he never served in the military After graduating from high school in 1971, Mark states that at the age of 16, he “worked on a top-secret project at Lockheed and was also a consultant in Vietnam. Apart from the problems with bringing a 16-year old into a combat zone, this seems inconsistent with the claims that his commission involved work at Stanford

Jo Ann Richards remarkable assertion: He served in Vietnam as an Army chopper pilot after high school. He was there for 6 months, starting in the summer of 1972. During 1972 Mark attended the college of Marin to study Criminology. According Jo Ann Richards Mark has double bachelor and double master’s degrees. He obtained a doctorate in political science, a doctorate in quantum physics, and is working on a masters in astrophysics.

It is not certain exactly when Mark is alleged to have switched from being an officer in the Army to the Navy. Jo Ann Richards states, "After Vietnam, he lateraled to Navy captain and was involved with Air Force Special Forces."

Years after the crime, Richards, again, came to public attention with claims to have been a secret, space, command Captain who led an attack against aliens to reclaim a secret base in Dulce, New Mexico. He cited a remarkable, family history, which includes numerous, covert activities affecting global interests and top-level, alien contact. Richards claims he was a Navy Captain and was an Officer involved in the Dulce Battle, as well as very active in the Secret Space Program and U.S. Space Command for many years prior to his being arrested and convicted of a murder he states he did not commit.



4 Year Old Mark Whilst With Captain Gordon Cooper at Edwards AFB Spotted a UFO

Cooper filmed the object and Ellis took the film to Washington. (Knights of the Cold War.


5 Year Old Mark Danced with Lauren Bacall At Mark Hopkins Event

Mark states that his father was good friends with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Mark danced with Bacall at a Mark Hopkins event when he was five or six. (Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, Total Recall, Third Interview.)


Seven Year old Mark Meets President Kennedy

After President Kennedy’s 1961 speech committing the United States to put a man on the moon, he and his father met the President in his limousine. Kennedy asked Mark to deliver a top-secret message to Charles de Gaulle. Mark was just seven-years old, but Kennedy is said to have trusted
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