Mark Richards Timeline

Mark states he was framed in 1982 for the murder of his friend Richard Baldwin, this was to provide a convenient way for the government to keep him quiet and discredit him for the time that he spent in the Secret Space Program. During his time in the SSP Captain Mark Richards was in charge of a starship enterprise type vessel, fighting the war against aliens bent on the takeover of Planet Earth.

This docuseries is based on Captain Mark Richards CDCR# C89732 who is a convicted murderer serving life without parole in Solano Vacaville California, Mark is a top Whistle blower for conspiracy theorist Kerry Cassidy, From November 2013, Kerry has interviewed Mark over Twelve times in person.








In Prison Mark writes a Report regarding Hamilton Air Force Base, Summer 1952

Account of incidents in the summer of 1952 involving UFOs. In early August, several UFOs approached the base and the first contact with a reptilian species followed. Report discusses technologies being developed at the time and lessons learned from the raptor about space and science.


Ellis Richards CRASHES Test Plane

Ellis Richards is severely injured in a major accident at Hamilton AFB after his plane crashed.  He no longer flew after this incident.  He has a metal plate in his head and is wheelchair bound.

Ellis was severely injured in a major accident at Hamilton AFB

September 30. Ellis was severely injured in a major accident at Hamilton AFB after his plane crashed. He never flew again. He did not return to admiinistrative duty until May, 1953, and remained significantly disabled throughout the rest of his life.  A news report shortly after Mark’s arrest described Ellis as



2 months old Mark meets the Raptors and is lifted like the (Lion King) for NAMING CEREMONY

August. Two months after Mark’s birth raptors, flew saucers overhead to greet his arrival and hold a naming ceremony. Kiloch Castle – Isle of Rum Mark is 2 – Meets Princess Titania and Princess Moonbeam (Big Fire)


Jo Ann Fawcett Born

Father – John Allison Fawcett Mum Betty Louise Reighley



2 year old Mark – Meets Princess Titania and Princess Moonbeam (Big Fire)

Kiloch Castle – Isle of Rum Mark is 2 – Meets Princess Titania and Princess Moonbeam (Big Fire)  


The Vietnam War starts1st November

The Vietnam War was a conflict in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. It lasted 19 years, 5 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day. see Wiki Link


Mark At Age 3 could handle a Gun

Mark learned fencing, martial arts & several languages as a child.  He could handle a gun at age 3.  Source dragonhillnews Blogs, poetry, and news by Jo Ann and Mark Richards   Mark Richards and the Secret Space Program By Jo Ann Richards I believe that there are many Cold War


Ellis Richards Assigned to Air Material Command in CA

Richards provides logistics, management and support for fighter planes.


DEBUNKED 4 Year Old Mark Spots a UFO at Hamilton Air Force Base

Captain Gordon Cooper filmed the object and Ellis Richards took the film to Washington. (Knights of the Cold War. Mark was with Captain Gordon Cooper at Edwards AFB and spotted a UFO. Cooper filmed the object and Ellis took the film to Washingto


DEBUNKED 5 Year Old Mark Danced with Lauren Bacall At Mark Hopkins Event

Mark states that his father was good friends with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Mark danced with Bacall at a Mark Hopkins event when he was five or six. (Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, Total Recall, Third 1959 — circa. Mark danced with Lauren Bacall. She and Bogart were friends of



Ellis first assignment as a Procurement Officer. Ellis was promoted but remained in procurement for the rest of his career.

Ellis irst assignment as a Procurement Officer. Ellis was promoted but remained in procurement for the rest of his career. Notable assignments included Pakistan (1960), France (1962), Michigan (1963).



DEBUNKED 7 Year old Mark Meets President Kennedy

After President Kennedy’s 1961 speech committing the United States to put a man on the moon, he and his father met the President in his limousine. Kennedy asked Mark to deliver a top-secret message to Charles de Gaulle. Mark was just seven years old, but Kennedy is said to have


DEBUNKED 7 Year Old Mark Meets Various Aliens (Exeter Interstellar Meeting)

8-year-old Mark attendees Exeter Conference June 1961 Raf Croughton, UK ( 1st major ET treaty conference ) Seven-Year-Old Mark:  According to Cassidy, in 1961, Mark and Ellis went to the Exeter Conference and met Prince Nagadraconis, a 9-foot raptor prince. Mark also met a woman from Arethusa. Mark met aliens





Ellis retires from the Air Force as a Major.1970

Ellis retires from the Air Force as a Major.1970 — USS Hornet is deactivated and decommissioned. It is placed in mothballs at Puget Sound. Electronics and the aircraft elevator were removed as part of this process.


DEBUNKED 13-Year-old Mark Participates in Various Psychic Tests at Presidio

According to Project Camelot, Total Recall 7th Interview, Mark Richards was tested for his “psychic abilities” and “remote viewing” capabilities at Letterman Army Medical Center in the San Francisco Presidio From 1966-1970, Mark participated in various tests involving psychic abilities and remote viewing at Letterman Army Medical Center in the


DEBUNKED 14 Year Old Mark is “Advisor”/ “Consultant” for Vietnam War

Jo Ann maintains that even as a teen, Mark served as an officer in the armed forces of the United States. At the age of 13, he was on active duty in the Navy with high-security clearance and participated in several training courses. While in high school he was working




DEBUNKED Mark Richards was “Given” an Army ‘Operational Commission” To Consult With Stanford Research Center

This “Operational Commission” was ‘given’ to Mark 3 years BEFORE the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was established.


DEBUNKED 15 Year Old Mark Receives Administrative Remarks Naval Achievement Medal with Combat (Forgery)

In any event, there is no verifiable record of Mark being in the military. Despite repeated requests – both personal and private – to see the records Jo Ann Richards has promised, the only claimed documentation the EDH has provided is a forged medal that would place Mark – who claims to have been



16 year old Mark is given an Army “operational commission” to consult with the Stanford Research Institute.

Mark stated that when he was 16 (1969), he was given an Army “operational commission” to consult with the Stanford Research Institute. (Cassidy, 6th Interview.) There is no military authority to give a 16-year-old a commission and the SRI was not established until 1972.  (See, e.g., Journal of Scientific Exploration,



California Coast Story, July 1970

Peace conference held at Ft. Baker, near San Francisco, CA, attended by humans and non-humans to discuss the humans’ plans to pursue space travel; airship seen in California in 1896-97; confrontation with non-human enemies trying to sabotage the conference



DEBUNKED 17 Year Old Mark Trains with the Raptors Imperial Fleet. Plays Wargames in England

Mark trained with the Raptors Imperial Fleet in England.  Raptors often use castles there for security.



18 year old Mark pictured in Sir Francis Drake High School

located in San Anselmo, California. Mark graduated / State of California 1971

Mark was one of the human cadets in the Imperial Fleet training program of the Raptor’s Draconian Empire

In 1970, Mark not only graduated from high school, he was one of the human cadets in the Imperial Fleet training program of the Raptor’s Draconian Empire. (Dragonhill web site.)


18 Year Old Mark Graduates From Sir Francis Drake High School

Mark graduated from high school in 1971 and attended the College of Marin.


Mark attends College of Marin to study Criminology

Criminology is a multidisciplinary field in both the behavioral and social sciences, which draws primarily upon the research of sociologists, political scientists, economists, legal sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, psychiatrists, social workers, biologists, social anthropologists, scholars of law and jurisprudence, as well as the processes that define the administration of justice and the criminal justice system.


PIT (Persepolis Interstellar treaty), Iran 2 Major ET Treaty Conference

Interstellar treaty conference held in Oct 1971 in Iran; attended by twice as many alien species as were at the UK conference in 1961; description of activities before the conference and the people involved with the conference; sabotage incidents; the complete set of the report is not yet finished  


18-year-old Mark Attends the College of Marin Mark Was Listed on the 1972 Honor Roll

(Fact) On March 10 1972 Mark along with 300 students made the Deans honor list at the College of Marin. (Daily Independent Journal Marin, California)


DEBUNKED 19 Year Old Mark Drafted to Vietnam

Mark was an Army Chopper Pilot after High School.  Jo states, “Mark was in Vietnam for 6 months, starting in the summer of 1972.  He flew helicopters in the summer and went back to College in the Fall.” (Jo Ann Richards). It would have taken Mark 10 months to complete his initial


DEBUNKED 20 Year Old Mark Serves as a Courier for Ellis Richards in Chile.

Mark states he was present for the Pinochet coup against the democratically elected Allende government.


(True Fact) 20 Year Old Mark ARRESTED in Sleepy Hollow Car Ring

On October the 23rd 1973, while in class at Marin College, Mark was arrested for car insurance fraud and the parting out of vehicles along with crime partners, Mike Peck and Bill Jorgensen. Mark was arrested while walking to one of his classes. The charge related to activities that previous summer,



DEBUNKED 21 Year Old Mark Receives BA in English from McGill University, Montreal, Canada

there any evidence for all the degrees he has claimed, apart from his BA in history from Dominican College. As will be shown, to achieve these honors would have required Mark to be in two places at once – three places or more if his other claims are taken into account.





21 Year Old Mark Starts School Newspaper, The Metamorphosis

Mark helped to launched the Metamorphosis, a new school publication, in 1974, promising to “try to keep most of the ivy up while trying to express some of the better newideas that could help the students at Dominican find their own goals.” A ghost story that is still told today


The Vietnam War Ends 30th April 1975

The Vietnam War was a conflict in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. It lasted 19 years, 5 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day. see Wiki Link


DEBUNKED 22 Year Old Mark and Ellis Richards Take Part in the Evacuation of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Since Mark was a chopper pilot for only six months we cannot determine when he would have resumed duties. Mark and Ellis take part in the evacuation of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).  Mark was an army lieutenant.


Mens basketball Team

Mark, top right. On the Dominican team Mens Basketball Team



23 Year Old Mark Graduated from Dominica College with a Major in History Spring 1976

Mark graduates from Dominican College with a BA in History.  Both before and after graduation Mark housesat during summers for Marshal Dill, his advisor, who remained supportive through Mark’s trial.


DEBUNKED 23 Year Old Mark Becomes ‘Navy Captain’

A “lateral transfer” from the Army, and Air Force Special Forces, at 23 years old ‘they’ allowed Mark to be a Naval Captain. [Note: A Naval Captain is the equivalent of a Colonel.] Mark Richards NEVER served in the military. Period. Became Navy Captain Air Force Special Forces circa. A


DEBUNKED Mark and Ellis Fight in the Battle of China Gates

According to Jo Ann Fawcett, Mark and Ellis take the decommissioned Hornet to Antartica. China intelligence is intercepted as forces learn of a Nazi and Reptilian threatening takeover with tectonic weapons and Mark saves the Universe once again.


Harvest Moon 1976

The Battle of China Gates with Mark fighting in battles in the Antarctic and over China, against a threat to take over the Earth by former Nazis and a faction of the Reptilian Empire.

Mark was made Captain of an Orion-class spaceship

Mark was made Captain of an Orion-class spaceship (powered by atomic weapons), the USS Valkyrie. The ship was “the heart of the Secret Space Program.” Nagadraconis served as a science officer.


Mark and Russ worked on a screen play called Tristan ( A knights Tale )

After graduating in 1976 he and a friend, Russ Blum, worked on a screenplay called Tristan (A Knight’s Tale), which they hoped to film partly at the San Francisco Seminary. They informed· the press that James Doohan (Scotty of the Star   Trek series) had agreed to be in the movie,



DEBUNKED 24 Year Old Mark Fights in The Battle of Harvest Moon

The Battle of Harvest Moon. Mark piloted MINERVA, a biological ship under his father’s command.  They successfully saved the earth from invasion.

Futurecastle, 1977 to lease the San Francisco Theological Seminary building for use as a school to study the future

The Independent Journal also learned of Richards’s plans in 1977 to lease the San Francisco Theological Seminary building for use as a school to study the future. According to a proposed catalog, the school, called Futurecastle, would be an “innovative academic community dedicated to the origins of a new renaissance.” The


Russ Blum Writes Tristan and Isolde Screenplay

With screenplay in hand, Mark tries to secure funding for the movie project.  Mark tells Doug Henson and his parents George Lucas and William Shatner will be involved in the film and borrows money for the project. He doesn’t pay it back.


Mark was assigned to the Top Secret Aurora project and went deeper in the world of amazing futuristic technology and ‘black ops’ secrets

In March 1978, Mark supposedly was assigned to the top secret Aurora project (hypersonic spy plane) and went deeper into black ops secrets. There is no evidence that the Aurora existed, either in planning or development. circa. Mark assigned to the top secret Aurora project, a hypersonic spy plane   Mark


Tarija UFO Crash, May 1978

UFO crash in Bolivia of May 1978 with many groups trying to reach it first; incident involved a plot to turn back a timeline, leaving the world unready to defend itself, and allowing an enemy species to invade; first contact with friendly insect species; reveals names of many involved with


DEBUNKED 25 year old Mark Head of ‘Operation Moondust’ the Crash in Tarija

Mark commanded his Father, Ellis Richards, in this retrieval.  They went to retrieve downed craft in Tarija, Bolivia. His command of the Air Force’s Operation Moondust retrieves alien technology from crash sites, including one near Tarija, Bolivia. He helped small insect creatures to establish an earth base.


Mark Becomes Sales and Editor with Seriatim: Journal of Ecotopia

Mark writes for a “gang of shoestring Ecotopians over there in El Cerrito.” (CoEvolution Quarterly)  Mark is part of this group seeing land to develop their commune ideas. Mark sells ads and edits specific columns and also helps distribute the magazine to the Northwest.  After being fired, Mark takes Mr.


Mark became an editor at Seriatim: The Journal of Ecotopia

Around 1978, Mark became an editor at Seriatim: The Journal of Ecotopia. The magazine was based on the Ecotopia novel by Nicholas Callenbach, which envisioned a future country in the Pacific Northwest that was based on ecological values. The Co-Evolution Quarterly described the journal as a “gang of shoestring Ecotopians over there


DEBUNKED 25 Year Old Mark Becomes Involved in Philadelphia Experiment

When the ship reappears in the desert, Mark is there to meet it. The Eldridge was the ship said to be involved in the Philadelphia Experiment. Mark Richards claimed that his grandfather was one of the electrical inventors who worked on the project.  Jacque Vallee’s article on the alleged experiment, Anatomy of a

DEBUNKED 25 Year Old Mark Assigned to Top-Secret Aurora Project, a Hypersonic Spy Plane Plane

Mark also piloted the SR 71 and Minerva, a biological craft that he alone could fly. A trip to Alpha Centauri was his longest flight. Mark has never had a pilot’s license.


26 Year Old Mark Married Caryn Cerruti

The newlywed’s honeymoon at Marshall Dill’s home, Richards’s mentor, in San Francisco.  During the honeymoon, Mark never left Caryn’s side. Caryn has no recollection of Mark leaving her during their honeymoon.  Also, to note, Caryn states she has never witnessed any wounds on Mark’s body and has never taken Mark

Battle of Vesta – Ellis ordered Mark into battle while he honeymooned with Caryn

Ellis ordered Mark into battle while he honeymooned with Caryn (see below).  Mark almost died in an ambush by the Trogs. He was reunited with Atimpaasa, a Pleiadian alien with whom he fathered a child. She had previously wiped Mark’s mind clear.  Naga observes that Mark’s love for Caryn was only

DEBUNKED 26 Year Old Mark Appointed Captain of the Valkyrie

This Valkyrie (a little space model to paint) Mark now works for the UN and is the youngest UN officer to command a Deep Space Fleet Ship,

Dule Battle 1979

Mark’s story of the underground battle at Dulce, NM, was one of the first of his tales to gain attention. Mark maintains that under his father’s command, he led a 1979 assault that retook a secret base from aliens who had violated a treaty and had abducted humans for experimentation.


DEBUNKED 26 Year Old Mark Fights in The Battle of Vesta

According to Cassidy, Richards states he had a phone call from his father, Ellis Richards, and was ordered to save the asteroid Vesta.  He left Caryn, on their honeymoon, in the middle of the night.  Mark almost died in an ambush by the ‘Trogs’. He was reunited with Atimpaasa, a


DEBUNKED 26 Year old Mark States MI6 Murdered ex-Wife Titania and Son, Bartholomew

The date is given only as the 1970s but presumably is around 1979 because it helped trigger Mark wanting to resign from the military states Jo Ann Fawcett in a News and Clues episode


DEBUNKED 26 Year old Mark Appointed DULCE BATTLE Commander

According to Kerry Cassidy’s Total Recall, paraplegic, Ellis Richards flies a helicopter underground into the base dropping off Mark.  He rescues women in pods.  The operation is successful thanks to Mark’s battle leadership and skills.  Mark was wounded.  Mark saves the Universe yet again! Mark’s wife, Caryn, has no recollection


26 Year Old Mark Starts ‘Engineering Constructors’ with Craig Andrews

Engineering Constructors was an unlicensed construction company in San Rafael and Mark stole his brother-in-law, Joe’s, contractor’s license.  He was later reprimanded and sued by unhappy clients.


‘Engineering Constructors’ Dissolves Because of Poor Workmanship

Craig Andrews leaves after poor workmanship and heads to Tennessee.  Mark’s final check to Craig bounced as did their friendship. Mark contends he has more than one construction company and ran several crews at the same time he was a Naval Captain. Engineering Constructors dissolved and a check Mark wrote

DEBUNKED Mark Attends Ronald Reagan’s Inauguration

Mark claims to have been seated with White House staff and military advisors but has disappeared from all photographs.






Richards made several purchases using the credit card of Richard Baldwin

Richards made several purchases using the credit card of Richard Baldwin at Montgomery Wards Department ­stores in Richmond and Daly City.He made a purchase at the Whale Point Marina in Richmond and forged the signature of Baldwin on a personal check.

Mark served in the Falklands war

The war in the Falklands involved battles with Draco, Reptilians, and Grays. The Raptors fought on the side of the humans. Mark returned from the war shortly before his arrest for the Baldwin murder. Dates: Apr 2, 1982 – Jun 14, 1982


Richard Baldwin’s Safe Is Seen By Keith Andrews In Mark’s Garage

Richard Baldwin had the pink slips to his classic cars and his life insurance papers inside the safe

29 Year Old Mark Forges Richard Baldwin’s Check

Mark Richards makes food purchases at San Rafael Safeway with Richard Baldwin’s check

29 Year Old Mark Makes Several Purchases Forging Richard Baldwin’s Name

Mark forged Mr. Baldwin’s name at Montgomery Wards in Richmond and Daly City, CA

29 Year Old Mark Richards Makes SIGNIFICANT Purchase

Mark stopped at “Video Concepts” in San Francisco forging the signature of Richard Baldwin on Mr. Baldwin’s personal check.  The salesperson would only install in the home, so Mark aka Richard Baldwin stopped the transaction.

Mark Richards Forged His Purchase At ”Whale Point Marina” in Richmond, CA

Mark Richards forged the signature of Richard Baldwin on Mr. Baldwin’s personal check for boat gear in order to dispose of Mr. Baldwin’s body

Richard Baldwin’s Body Found in San Francisco Bay

The body, recovered on Tuesday night, July 13, 1982, by a tugboat operator for the Basalt Rock Co., was wrapped in a plastic tarpaulin and a bamboo screen, bound at the neck and ankles with television cable, rope, and duct tape, and weighted down with a small outboard motor. The

Mark Richards Attempts To Make A Credit Purchase

From Mathews’ T.V. in Daly City, CA, Mr. Richards used the name and California driver’s license of Richard Baldwin to identify himself.  He filled out a credit application which displayed as his business address, the Classic Car Shop, 36 Front Street, San Rafael, California, phone number 415-456-5900. During the week

29 Year Old Mark Arrested for the Murder of Richard Baldwin

Mark was bailed out on 12/2/83.  His parents, Ellis and Lois Richards, mortgaged their home and Carl Shapiro loaned them the rest of the money.

Mark Richards Instructs Crossan Hoover to Abandon Mr. Baldwin’s Car in the East Bay

Mark Richards requested the Datsun Station Wagon be abandoned in the vicinity of the Oakland Train Station the week following the murder of Richard Baldwin