‘Maybe stop being a passive-aggressive jerk’: Ilhan Omar’s faux concern for Boebert’s kids backfires

Oh how sweet, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar shares a heartfelt moment of concern with Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert over her kids. A mother’s concern. Something everyone can understand and appreciate. It’s so nice to see politicians set aside politics and be empathetic human beings for once! She really is an inspiration to us all!

I know I shouldn’t care, but part of me hopes Boebert’s kids aren’t see these headlines and videos. I can’t imagine what the last couple of days have been like for her boys and what it will be like for them going forward. It’s just sad. pic.twitter.com/po83BFQhWB

— Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) September 16, 2023

You are consistently one of the most humane and thoughtful people in Congress despite what people in both parties have unfairly put you through. Very inspirational.

— Burt Kirkland (@BurtKirkland3in) September 16, 2023

Wait. No she Isn’t. What is this passive-aggressive backhanded nonsense?

Oof, lady. Could you be any more transparent?

My eyes can’t roll hard enough.

— sc ⭕ ⭕byjava (@scoobyjava) September 16, 2023

Glass houses and stones and all that pic.twitter.com/7NkW8a44ra

— Tripp (@cbomar_3) September 16, 2023

How about you leave her kids out of this and stop being a passive aggressive hypocritical jerk?

— Brownie Terror (@brownie_terror) September 16, 2023

What do liberals love to say? Stay in your lane!

I don’t support Boebert, but YOU reorting to posting this gossip is what’s SAD! Grow some Guts & Integrity! Challenge the #CorporateUniparty!

— Theresa Sanders (@arealmermaid2) September 17, 2023


Controversial or not, if she feels this strongly about the potential impact on Rep. Boebert’s kids, why isn’t she condemning the release of the video in the first place?

It’s OK. Still better to be conservative, a little sexual, and based. Her kids will be fine. Do you condemn the release of the video?

— Shepherd of Truth (@TruthShepherrd) September 17, 2023

Plus, perspective, right?

weren’t you against removing sexually explicit books in schools?

so why does this bother you?

— lisamarie (@Lisa_from_SoCal) September 17, 2023

Really though, maybe Ilhan with her many *coughs personal controversies *coughs, should sit this one out.

You don’t have to imagine. Just ask your kids.

— Ian Haworth (@ighaworth) September 16, 2023

This should probably go for most of the vocal Democrats on this issue.

I’m sorry, but fooling around in a theater is pretty basic.

I mean, it’s not sticking a cigar in your intern.

It’s not like having threesomes with a staff member.

It’s not like carrying on online with minors.

It’s not like trafficking prostitutes whole high on crack over…

— Brad (@FromTheTwits) September 16, 2023

We all see right through you, honey.

Feign concern about a nonevent to inflate it is part of the problem.

— Critical GDX Theory (Dr. Gregory Coffin) (@DrunkenAnarchi1) September 16, 2023

Probably a lesson everyone could learn from this ridiculous political distraction …

Let’s focus on Boebert’s politics. She is after all in the news because she is a politician. So let’s talk about what she does in that role and leave her sex play to the tabloids, even if it is a form of political marketing.

— Τιμόθεος @ stop pillaging society for war. (@TimNissen1) September 17, 2023

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