Medium Statistics 2023 (Readership Data, Valuation, and More)

Social media has remained a digital trend for years as it keeps expanding and growing. This growth has seen the emergence of more platforms and attracting massive followers. However, among the lot, there are still outstanding ones beating the competition. For example, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter (now known as X) are prominent popular platforms. But while others, like Medium, may not ring any bells to most people, it doesn’t rule them out or imply that they are useless. In fact, with the amazing room it has created for diverse niches to find a home, Medium’s popularity is set to skyrocket. It is the world’s second most popular platform for hosting blogs.

Created in 2012, Medium aims to provide a “medium” for sharing lengthy stories among people and peers. Unlike the popular networks, Medium does not partake in advertising. Instead, it keeps to its subscription reading system, where readers who desire more content will pay to gain access. The revenue generated is split between writers and the site’s operational costs, contributing to the platform’s slow growth rate. However, what Medium lacks in the aspects of development, it makes up in statistical areas, and that’s what this article brings to light. Check out these amazing Medium statistics you should know in 2023.

Key Statistics Medium

Key Statistics

  1. Medium has ten (10) companies purchased under its name.
  2. Unlike other platforms, there is no limitation in post lengths on Medium.
  3. The most popular topic on Medium is Politics.
  4. Top writers on Medium earn a bonus.
  5. The domain authority on the application is 95.
  6. Medium was the founding product of two Twitter collaborators.
  7. There are 100 million active users on Medium monthly.
  8. The valuation of Medium as of 2023 is $600 million.
  9. Within two years, Medium increased its subscriber base by 75%.
  10. There are over 1.38 million posts added on Medium monthly.
  11. Mobile device readers on Medium are about 68%.
  12. Medium has 53% of its subscribers earning at least $100,000.

Medium Statistics of 2023

Medium Statistics of 2023

1. Medium was the Founding Product of Two Twitter Collaborators.

Twitter was known to have four founding fathers before being sold recently to the billionaire businessman Elon Musk. Founded in 2006, the Bird app, as it was prominently called, had Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams on its board of creators. The four established the basis of the Twitter community, building a rock-solid social media force.

Six years later, in 2012, two Twitter founders came up with the idea of creating Medium. Biz Stone and Evan Williams believed that the characters on Twitter were limited. At that time, based on the system of 180 characters, most commonly referred to as a tweet, users could not post lengthy texts. This limitation prompted Williams and Stone to move forward to launch the Medium application. Notably, since both platforms operated differently, there was no direct attack on Twitter with the launch of Medium. Hence, both apps stood independently of each other.

2. The Domain Authority on the Application is 95.

Domain authority refers to a ranking system based on how information from different sites is arranged. For example, when people search for a particular topic online, sources or information from Medium are more likely to be found 95th on the list. This is especially true when the subject is popular and trending on different sites.

Government sites and specialized blogs are prioritized first based on their advertising and search engine monetization techniques. Then, social media sources come next, which is where Medium falls underPosition 95 may not sound great when we consider it critically, but it’s a fair number for one primary reason. Millions of monetized websites are disseminating information, so it’s easier for a non-specialized site like Medium to compete with advertising.

3. Medium Increased its Subscriber Base by 75% in Two Years.

At the start of 2019, Medium reviewed its subscriber base and stated 400,000 subscribers–the number of people who paid to access more content on the app. The number increased two years later, with the application announcing a new subscriber base of 700,000 in 2021. 

It is worth noting that the growth of 400,000 was achieved within 7 years, from the inception year 2012 to 2019. This figure shows how massive 2019 to 2021 growth was, indicating an uptrend in subscriptions before, during, and after the pandemic. However, the levels of development have continued, and gradual increases are widely recognizedIn five years, before the annual income of $35 million in 2021, Medium will likely generate more numbers and revenue. 

4. Medium has ten (10) Companies Purchased Under its Name.

Most companies are not open to partnerships or collaborations to avoid threats or unnecessary competition. However, Medium has yet to purchase 10 companies since its inception successfullyAlthough the first purchases were made at the early stages of the platform’s launch, three were added as recently as 2021. There is Projector, Glose, and Knowable Universe, all operating as separate entities.

The first, Projector, is an online graphic design platform; Glose is an online bookstore; and Knowable Universe is an audio platform. Through these separate platforms, Medium plans to give its users a choice on how to enjoy its features at the best quality. Although it’s not stated how Medium may decide to integrate these three platforms, users are confident in the expected outcome. 

5. There are Over 1.38 Million Posts Added on Medium Monthly.

When people see an opportunity to do what they love most and probably earn from it, they are bound to give their best. This is precisely what Medium offered, and writers came running. The posts kept trooping in their numbers, and in 2016, Medium was led to ascertain that they had over 140,000 stories on their platform weekly

Since this statement was made four years ago, the tendency toward a more significant sum is high. Based on the record, when the calculations were made, recent posts shared stood at 1,385,000 stories monthlyNotably, these posts generate daily income for the app, adding to cumulative revenue. This is to say that Medium could make as much as $1.65 million monthly.

6. Top Writers on Medium Earn a Bonus.

Medium offers writers a platform to earn money, but the income potential varies widely. According to current estimates, at least 70% of Medium writers earn via the forum, although most make less than $100 monthly. However, there are success stories of writers who earn significantly more. In 2021, the highest-earning writer on Medium made up to $49,705.40 monthly, showcasing the potential for substantial earnings.

The top-performing story generated $16,685.50 in income, while the second-highest-earning article earned $12,184.40. These figures demonstrate that significant profits are achievable for some writers. Medium also incentivizes its top writers by providing bonuses to keep them engaged on the platform. The top 1,000 writers receive a monthly bonus of $500 each, and the subsequent 500 top writers receive $100 monthly. An additional 500 writers also receive $50 monthly, showing that Medium allocates a substantial $575,000 solely to retain its top talent. 

The variety of topics in the Medium space is arguably the most exciting part of the social app. The platform is built on the policy that people can share their stories by any means possible. However, as social enthusiasts, we know that the most trending topics attract more followersHence, politics remains the most discussed topic for users and potential registrants on Medium.

This trend is not surprising considering the rise and fall of nations daily, electoral processes, protests, coups, wars, and takeovers. So, writers who want to gain visibility can consider delving into the walls of politics and throwing in an article of choice. Other topics include technology, blockchain, sports, forex trading, self-development stories, etc. Whatever your channel of choice is, the main idea is to stay relevant and passionate about it. 

8. Unlike Other Platforms, There is no Limitation on Post Lengths on Medium.

Medium was born out of a desire to provide a platform for meaningful, untapped storytelling. Unlike Twitter’s 140-character limit, Medium allows writers to craft posts of any length, ensuring that the depth and height of the writer’s stories can shine through. There are no constraints on post length, allowing authors to express their ideas. 

While the absence of character limits fosters creativity, it’s essential to balance sharing your story and maximizing audience engagement. That is especially true if you aim to earn income through your writing. Medium further supports writers by providing valuable post analytics. These analytics offer insights into your post’s performance, including its reach, growth in subscribers, and the speed at which it attracts readers. This data empowers writers to refine their content strategy and optimize their stories for broader impact and potential income generation.

9. Medium has 53% of Its Subscribers Earning at Least $100,000.

Medium boasts 700,000 subscribers and a staggering 100 million registered users. What sets this platform apart is the quality of its readership. A recent study revealed that a majority of Medium readers, more than 50%, enjoy an annual income exceeding $100,000.

Additionally, the study shed light on the demographics of Medium’s readers, with 71% identifying as white and 55% as male. These figures closely mirror the demographic composition of the overall U.S. population. Notably, the largest age group among Medium readers falls in the 25-34 range, representing 33% of the readership. The 35-44 age bracket is the next most significant group, comprising 25% of the audience.

10. Mobile Device Readers on Medium are About 68%.

Website traffic analysis is a fundamental aspect of online platforms, allowing them to understand their audience, peak activity times, and traffic sources. An internet giant, Facebook witnesses over 80% of its traffic directly on its platform, highlighting exceptional brand recognitionIn contrast, Medium receives only 25% of its traffic directly, with a notable 6% coming from social media channels.

Most of Medium’s traffic, around 60%, arrives via traditional search engine results. Further analysis of traffic sources shows that 68% of visitors access Medium using mobile devices, aligning with the platform’s reliance on search results (60%) and social media referrals (8%), as these are common mobile activities. Hence, Medium’s ability to attract a substantial mobile audience is based on its internet user preferences.

11. Medium’s Publishing Platform has Garnered a Capital Investment of $132 Million.

Three fundraising cases have occurred since Medium’s inception as a social platform. The first was in 2014, two years after the platform was enacted. The fundraising produced $25 million but doubled the succeeding year to raise $57 million. For the third and final time, which fell in 2016, $50 million was successfully raised.

12. A Story Published on Medium Generated $16,685.50 in Earnings.

This statistic is to fuel the knowledge of writers who downplay their time and energy in creating stories on Medium. Medium pays writers, and there are results to show for it. While the story earned $16,685.50, its author is not even famously known, but has etched this record on Medium’s history until broken.

The second most earned story on the platform belongs to another writer, Jason Gutierrez, with earnings of $12,184.40. The work is prominently titled “The 50/30/10/10 Rule for How to Wake Up Earlier and Work on Your Dream”. It had 900,00 views to earn such an amount, and it could go even higher based on publicity.

13. Highest Paid Author on Medium Accrued a Monthly Income of $49,705.40.

The online business community thrives on people and how far you go to reach them or vice versa. That means that people with higher following will earn and benefit more from services they offer than those with less. On Medium, monetized posts will surely bring in the numbers based on revenue to your wallet. As proof of this, authors on the platform are reeling in money monthly, and in 2021, the highest-paid author earned almost $50,000. 

Medium is categorized into topics for writers and readers to pitch themselves into. There are several topics, as we know, from the most trending ones, like Politics, to Life, Health, etc. Each one boasts of at least a million followers with thousands of stories in them. Newer topics are gaining visibility, though, but it’s up to the writers, most of the time, to market their works and generate views. Their followers add to those counted on the topic’s dashboard and are categorized alongside.

15. There are Over 63 Million Registered Users on Medium.

The current stats can be verified via the Medium Staff account, as every user who signs up must follow them. With this number of user bases established, there is growth on the platform, and more is expected to comeThe platform still has unique visits from individuals counting to millions, showing popularity and the results of writer’s marketing.  

16. There are a lot of Celebrities on Medium, Including a U.S. President.

As with most social platforms, the use of Medium to celebrities is for followership and sharing information. These celebrities produce content and follow those they are interested in. The story is unclear, but rumors in the White House acknowledged erotic content recommendations on the Medium account of U.S. President Joe Biden. As the House respondents commented, the Medium algorithm for sharing pop-ups could be wrong, but people can believe what they want. Other celebrities in the space are Neil Patel, Kris Jenner, Monica Potter, Amber Rose, etc.

How to Get Started as a Beginner on Medium

How to Get Started

On a general note, Medium offers a user-friendly and accessible platform for writers to create and publish articles. To get started, interested users can visit the website and create an account with minimal personal information required. Once registered, new users can begin posting articles and gauge the response from the Medium community. It’s essential to note that, like most social media platforms, building a substantial following and generating income may require time and dedication.

Reading articles on Medium also involves creating an account, following a simple process that includes providing a few personal details. While you can access many articles for free, some are exclusive to Medium members. For those interested, a Medium membership costs just $5 per month. This fee grants users access to a broader range of content and supports the platform’s creators. Medium may not be classified as your regular social app, but it has the potential to keep the thrills going for people who love to read.


Medium was founded in 2012 to promote high-quality writing, distinguishing itself from platforms with little or no room for written content. Although it has made strides in achieving this goal, there is still more to do than its counterparts. Also, with the rise of newer trends and topics in the digital world, Medium’s visibility could become more pronounced in the coming years. 

For users yet to join the platform, its commitment to fostering a conducive environment for writers and readers should propel you. As Medium continues to evolve and adapt, there is no better opportunity to create an account and explore its potential benefits. Ultimately, there would always be room for writers to share their stories, ideas, and expertise with a growing and engaged audience.


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