Millions Of ‘Destiny 2’ Iron Banner Engrams Have Cried Out In Terror And Were Suddenly Silenced

Destiny 2


Destiny 2 can often run into conflicting communication issues, but this one is…especially bad.

Three weeks ago, Bungie went through what exactly would or would not be carried across seasons, and they spelled it out with a very specific tweet:

In short, vendor engrams would not carry over, but seasonal engrams and Iron Banner engrams would. Well, players logged in to play this season’s first Iron Banner at reset on Tuesday, having saved their engrams for potential new items, and they are…gone. Destroyed. They were indeed wiped when the season switched over, despite it being said explicitly they would not.

My guess here is that unlike seasonal vendors, Saladin, given his constant appearance, is considered a normal vendor like Shaxx, Zavala, Drifter and Saint, and when they hit the “wipe” button, he was included.

Continuing the communication issues, I have seen…zero comment from Bungie on this so far. No one is chiming in on the 2K upvoted reddit thread about the issue, there is no new message from Bungie Help about it. Maybe they’re trying to figure out what happened, but given how long it can take to stack dozens of Iron Banner engrams, it’s a pretty big, annoying deal.

My guess is that there is not going to be a fix for this. At least not the reinstatement of old engrams, as that would probably require an entire rollback that Bungie is not going to do just for Iron Banner engrams. Maybe there is some way they could just…give people a bunch of engrams, maybe, but I’m not sure the technical feasibility of that, as I don’t think something like that has happened before. I’d guess instead some sort of dramatic rep boost to allow players to earn lots of engrams very quickly this season to try to make up for it. That’s something they can do. But again, without them saying anything yet, we have no idea what their thinking is on this.

While I am loving this current season of Destiny 2, it’s clear that Bungie’s communication has been off for a while now. Both on the technical side (this was either a mistake or crossed signals) and on the community side, with a dramatic reduction in communication, albeit much of it due to outright harassment issues that have left Bungie trying to rethinking community engagement as a whole. But at a certain point, you can’t just stop communicating, and Bungie has said the recently formed Destiny 2 Team account would be engaging more as a result. They have…not tweeted anything about this, nor anything at all since September 1.

We need to see more changes here, though in terms of the Iron Banner situation, as of now, we have no idea what may or may not happen here in terms of compensation or resolution.

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