Okta CEO on MGM breach: Companies are under ‘massive attack from cybercriminals’

The Okta system was not breached in the recent casino cyberattacks, says CEO Todd McKinnon

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday that all companies are under attack from cybercriminals. Okta provides identity management software for corporations, and earlier in the week, one of its clients, MGM Resorts, faced a major cybersecurity incident that significantly disrupted the company’s properties across the country.

McKinnon explained he would not comment publicly on the ongoing issue, but said the company is working with MGM. He also affirmed that Okta’s system and products are secure and have not been breached.

“Okta customer or not,” he said, “they’re all under massive attack from cybercriminals. The amount that cybercriminals can gain from attacking companies and organizations and governments is super high. So, everyone is under attack.”

McKinnon said the security industry as a whole can best fight cybercriminals by working together. He added that every organization has sensitive data, and while digitization and automation have been great for business and growth, they have created risk.

“The bad guys are coming at every weakness, and we’re only as strong as an industry as our weakest link. So one of the things that we pride ourselves at Okta is working very closely, collaborating with everyone in the ecosystem,” he said.

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon goes one-on-one with Jim Cramer

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