PRS Guitars Announces Three New SE Models for 2024

PRS announces its 2024 SE series lineup, including new color options and three distinct new models.

“We have so much inspiration and energy behind product development for the SE Series because it is a range of instruments that we know is supporting everyone from beginning players to professional musicians. We draw from our Maryland innovations, our history, and our own curiosities as players and builders,” said Jack Higginbotham, PRS Guitars COO. “I think these new models will continue the SE Series promise to deliver quality tools for musicians.”

SE CE 24 & SE Swamp Ash Special

The PRS SE CE 24 brings the CE model to the SE Series for the first time. PRS fans will recognize this model, as it was first introduced back in 1988 – the company’s third year in business. The CE 24 pairs PRS’s traditional Custom 24 combination of a maple top, mahogany back, and rosewood fretboard with a 25” scale length bolt-on maple neck. Additional features include a pair of PRS 85/15 “S” humbuckers and the patented PRS tremolo bridge. For 2024, the PRS SE CE 24 comes in four colors: Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Turquoise, and Vintage Sunburst.

With a swamp ash body and 22-fret maple neck with maple fretboard, the PRS SE Swamp Ash Special is a fresh face and a versatile voice for the PRS SE Series. This guitar features neck and bridge 85/15 “S” humbuckers with a PRS-Designed AS-01 Single Coil “S” pickup in the middle position. The AS-01 single coil features both alnico and steel (hence the name), which add mass to the pickup helping to create a more powerful sound. Paired with a push/pull tone control and 3-way pickup switch, the configuration gives players an array of tones. The PRS SE Swamp Ash Special comes in Charcoal, Iri Blue, and Vintage Sunburst.

Both of these bolt-on guitars (the SE CE 24 and SE Swamp Ash Special) feature a new, ergonomic heel design, which is contoured for a comfortable playing experience higher up on the neck. “When we were designing these guitars, I took an early prototype home and carved the heel by hand. The Engineering team here made some improvements and programed that shape for our partners at PT Cort. We think players will appreciate the ease of access this design brings,” said Jack Higginbotham, COO.

SE Custom 24 Quilt

Also joining the SE Series is the elevated SE Custom 24 Quilt. Featuring a quilted maple veneer and matching stained quilted maple headstock veneer, the SE Custom 24 Quilt is an elegant version of PRS’s most popular model. This guitar also boasts an ebony fretboard with abalone bird inlays to complete the package. The color palette for the SE Custom 24 Quilt is: Black Gold Burst, Turquoise, and Violet.

New Colors

Finally, PRS is known for its striking color options, and the SE Series is no exception. For 2024, Turquoise is making its way through the SE Series and will now be available on the following models: PRS SE Custom 24, SE Custom 24-08, SE Custom 24 “Lefty,” SE McCarty 594, SE McCarty 594 Singlecut, and the SE Paul’s Guitar. The Custom 24-08 is also adding Blood Orange to its assortment. And, finally, Charcoal will be offered on the SE McCarty 594, SE McCarty 594 Singlecut, and SE Paul’s Guitar.

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