Reptile wrangler removes 20 rattlesnakes from Arizona garage

Sept. 15 (UPI) — A snake wrangler called to an Arizona home removed 20 western diamondback rattlesnakes from the garage — including one that was pregnant.

Marissa Maki, of Rattlesnake Solutions, responded to a home in Mesa at which a resident reported some snakes had been in his garage for a few days.

Maki ended up removing 20 rattlesnakes — five adults and 15 babies — from the garage, and noted that one of the adult snakes was pregnant.

Rattlesnake Solutions owner Bryan Hughes said it was a new record for the most rattlesnakes removed in a single call. He said the skin sheds in the garage indicate that one point there may have been up to 40 snakes in the garage at a single time.

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