SpongeBob: The Cosmic Shake update brings costumes, photo mode, and bug fixes

A new update for SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake provides native PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions, in addition to new costumes, a photo mode, and multiple bug fixes.

The next Bikini Bottom update launches on October 16. PS4 and Xbox One owners will receive a free upgrade to the version of their choice, as confirmed by publisher THQ Nordic. The free new costumes include a King Doubloon costume for SpongeBob and a plushie version of Gary.

A new photo mode for your social media exploits in this Cosmic Shake update

It’s better late than never. There’s a new photo mode arriving in the Cosmic Shake update, which includes 19 different filters. THQ Nordic hasn’t gone into detail as to what they are yet, but it’s confirmed for all game versions.

Additionally, there are new costumes for SpongeBob SquarePants to wear, but you’ll need to be a completionist to get them. By collecting all the doubloons in the game, you’ll get the King Doubloon costume. If you unlock all the awards with this Cosmic Shake update, receive the Plush Gary skin.

SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake now looks even better
Screenshot via THQ Nordic’s YouTube channel

On the positive side of things, there will be specific DualSense controller support for the PS5 version. When interacting with items, the PS5’s DualSense functionality adds new audio cues signaling you’ve picked something up. Also, you’ll use the adaptive triggers when utilizing the reef blower and swinging hook.

Lastly, THQ Nordic confirmed multiple bug fixes were on the way to Bikini Bottom. The Cosmic Shake update has changed the following:

  • Fixed an annoying, albeit rare, bug in which the game stops saving
  • The playtime now pauses when on a loading screen
  • “Many general bug fixes” that help with the stability and playability of the game.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is already out on all consoles, and you can pick it up for $39.99.

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