Tesla Model Y Juniper facelift takes design cues from Model 3 Highland in beautiful render pictures

Like the Model 3 Highland, the 2024 Tesla Model Y facelift could introduce two new paint colors (Image: LaMianDesign)
Like the Model 3 Highland, the 2024 Tesla Model Y facelift could introduce two new paint colors (Image: LaMianDesign)

The unofficial and therefore purely speculative render images of the Model Y facelift depict the new taillight design as well as the more aggressive headlights which were introduced with the Tesla Model 3 Highland a few weeks ago and could also debut in the revised version of the successful electric SUV in 2024.

The American EV pioneer Tesla recently treated its most affordable electric car, the Model 3, to an extensive makeover with a highly anticipated facelift also known as Project Highland. Consequently, the company’s most popular vehicle and worldwide bestseller, the Model Y, now features the oldest design in the entire Tesla lineup and appears to be next in line for a refresh.

Accordingly, a talented graphic designer has recently published a total of eight good-looking unofficial render images of the 2024 Tesla Model Y on X, previously known as Twitter. According to rumors, this facelift is already in development under the codename “Juniper” and could continue the design language of the Tesla Model 3 Highland. Fittingly, the refreshed Model Y shown in these completely speculative render images is equipped with C-shaped taillights, narrow headlights and new rims that are reminiscent of the latest iteration of the electric sedan, which is not yet available in North America.

Unfortunately, these gorgeous pictures do not show the expected interior changes like the controversial steering wheel without a turn signal stalk, which is also featured in the new Model 3 Highland. If Tesla stays true to its refresh cycle, the Model Y Juniper could launch in 2024 as it marks the fourth anniversary since the electric SUV’s official launch back in 2020. From a technical perspective, the striking exterior changes could also result in better aerodynamics, which helped the Tesla Model 3 facelift improve its official range numbers by more than 30 miles or up to 10 percent relative to the previous generation.

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