Andrew Gough is the Editor in Chief of Mindscape Magazine, a monthly magazine that focuses on mind, mystery, and ancient history and distributes in 13 different countries.

Open your mind to absorb the new and the bold. From the frontiers of science to the wisdom of the ancients. From the mysteries of mind to the esoteric, the hidden, the suppressed, or lost.

Andrew joins us to discuss his contribution to the Magazine, his research on Bees and their mythology, and his acting career.

Andrew has been an enthusiast of esoteric for decades and studied with the Spanish cabalist who mentored Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dali. He is Editor in Chief of Mindscape Magazine, Chairman of the long-running esoteric research society The Rennes Group, and former Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISIS).

In 2011, Andrew started in two films, The Stone (out now on DVD) and Paranormal Haunting: The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn (out in October) as well as three documentaries: National Geographic's The Truth Behind King Arthur, Nostradamus and 2012 and The Alien Within.

Andrew has written for journals and publications of all kinds and decoded Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code in the bestselling book, The Dan Brown Companion (Mainstream ­2006), and contributed 'The Sacred Bee in Egypt' to Philip Gardiner's, The Ancient Code: The Book. Andrew is considered an expert on Bees and their mythology.

Further Background on the Lost tradition of the Sacred Bee

Prehistoric man held the bee sacred for tens of thousands of years, as did the ancient civilizations of Sumer, Egypt, Greece, and South America, amongst many others. The bee is the inspiration and symbol of Freemasonry, and the United States of America was founded on its principles and its most iconic monument is dedicated to the bee. Why? The remarkable service that bees provide as pollinators of plants and trees and producers of life-affirming nectar is part of the equation. But there was another, more shamanistic reason: bees were regarded as Gods and Goddesses, whose ancestral spirits were thought to be the keepers of a sacred tradition.

The bee is dying, and as contributors to over 30% of the world's food sources, its demise which was widely prophesied by the likes of Albert Einstein represents a vital moment in human history.


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