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William Roache aka Ken Barlow from Coronation Street joins us for an exclusive interview on his Spiritual views. William also shares his acting journey in Coronation Street, his upbringing, and his truths, which have helped him cope through the difficult periods in his life. These were also shared in his book, 'Soul on the Street'. He is the longest serving cast member in Coronation Street, having appeared since the first episode on 9 December 1960. In 2008, he wrote his book Soul on the Street which offers an inspirational insight into William's deep spiritual understanding and the times and events that have shaped his life. He is a great supporter of charities including the Prince's Trust, St David's Hospice, Childhood Eye Cancer, Henshaws Society for the Blind, and is a Patron of Crimestoppers. William has faced many trials and tribulations in his personal life, facing financial difficulties leading to bankruptcy. Due to his troubles, he has turned his interest toward helping others in the same situation.


HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: William Roache aka Ken Barlow

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