Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro fail to impress in battery, camera and display analyses

The same applies to the 6.67-inch AMOLED display that Xiaomi includes in the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro. For reference, the large AMOLED display operates at 1220p and 144 Hz in both models with 2,600 nits peak brightness. According to DxOMark, it observed no discernable improvements from the equivalents in their predecessors, which are also 6.67-inch and 1220p AMOLED panels. However, they offer a 120 Hz refresh rate and up to 900 nits brightness.

The Xiaomi 13T Pro cannot match the battery runtimes of the Xiaomi 11T Pro or Xiaomi 12T Pro either and is 70th overall in this regard. In short, it appears that the Xiaomi 13T series is not necessarily the upgrade that Xiaomi hoped over last year’s Xiaomi 12T series. Please see our Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro launch articles for more hardware details and how they differ from their predecessors.

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