ZEROBASEONE Talk About Being Formed on ‘Boys Planet,’ Their Successful Debut, First KCON & More | Billboard

New K-pop boy band ZEROBASEONE talk about being formed on Mnet’s reality show Boys Planet, their debut success so far, first time being at KCON and more at KCON LA 2023.

Tetris Kelly
Hanging out at KCON with ZEROBASEONE — first of all, guys, I’m very jealous. I don’t have a jacket. These are so cool. They look really nice. Yeah. Now the fans have been asking for you guys since yesterday. Everybody’s so excited to see you guys. So how’s it feel to get all the love at KCON this year?

Seok Matthew
Honestly, it’s our first time at KCON LA and it’s just a really unique experience. And I think going overseas and just traveling all the way here and hearing all this support and these fan chants, it just means so much. And so we just, we love you guys from the bottom of our hearts. You guys are the best. You guys keep us motivated. We love you.

Tetris Kelly
And I mean, you guys are new. You just debuted recently and already have over a million pre-orders for your album. That’s crazy. So how’s it feel to be kind of like a newbie here in the game?

Kim Tae Rae
As you said, like, we just have you and we just saw another team from YouTube, we’re seeing them backstage — it’s so new to us. And it’s an interesting thing to experience.

Tetris Kelly
Thank you so much. And then also, what was really cool about you guys is that you won a reality show. So tell me how that makes it different for you than a lot of the other groups in K-pop.

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