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Coronation Street Ken Barlow actor William Roache in bizarre outburst

The 79-year-old actor, who plays Ken Barlow, told a stunned chat show host all humans will soon communicate by telepathy.
He predicted a series of earthquakes, ­hurricanes, floods and tsunamis – but claimed that these disaster would be necessary to disperse “negative energy”.
The actor, 79 — who plays Ken Barlow — also discussed his predictions for the future of the planet and humanity.

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Actor William Roache’s spiritual beliefs

In an interview with The Moore Show on Sky Showcase, the 79-year-old actor told host Kevin Moore – a former student of the University of Glamorgan who launched the show in his student days – that he believed humans would soon be able to communicate via telepathy, that reincarnation was the “only thing that made sense” and that the Earth will soon be hit with a slew of natural disasters to cleanse it of negativity.

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Students from Uphill are working on the first student-made TV programme to be aired on Sky Television

The Weston Mercury article

Sky Magazine (June Edition) - Sally Morgan interview

The Moore Show gets a mention Page 82.

Student radio star lands Sky TV show

A student who started a radio chat show for his university station will see his first national television production aired tonight.
Kevin Moore, 32, started up his off-the-wall interview radio show, The Moore Show, on University of Glamorgan's student radio station, Tequila Radio, three years ago. Its popularity has since surged and the show has been picked up by 18 other stations across the UK. Now it has been converted into a TV format, with a one-year contract signed to air it on Sky.

Glamorgan students launch Moore Show on satellite TV

A team of university students in Cardiff is launching a weekly chat show on satellite TV across the UK.
The Moore Show features a mix of celebrity interviews and unexplained phenomena, produced at the University of Glamorgan's Atrium campus.
Executives from the Showcase Television approached presenter Kevin Moore after hearing him on community radio.
Future guests lined up include Coronation Street actor William Roache and singer Tony Christie.

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