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On July 6, 1982, Richard Alexander Baldwin, 36 was murdered by Mark Richards and teenager Crossan David Hoover. Richard Baldwin was Beaten with a baseball bat and Stabbed with a knife and screwdriver In Marin County, California. Mark and Crossan were arrested ten days later.

The Story made headline news throughout July 1982 and with the convictions of Mark and Crossen Hoover in 1984. In both separate trials, they were found guilty of murder. Mark Richards was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of his friend Richard Baldwin. Crossan Hoover was sentenced to twenty-six years with the possibility of parole. Throughout this period, the crime made headlines as a bizarre tale of an Arthurian kingdom called Pendragon began to emerge.

Another teenager present in Mr. Baldwin’s house, who helped dispose of the body, was Andrew. Andrew later turned and gave the state’s evidence against both Mark Richards and Crossan Hoover resulting in immunity from prosecution.

The victim of this horrendous murder was Richard A. Baldwin. Baldwin owned a vintage-auto restoration shop, The Classic Car, on 36B Front Street in San Rafael. At the time of the murder, Richards, Hoover, and Andrew were remodeling Baldwin’s home. Hoover stated Richards and he lured their victim, Mr. Baldwin, to the auto shop on the pretext of looking at his inventory of classic cars.

After the murder, Richards purchased a boat to dump Mr. Richard Baldwin’s body into San Pablo Bay with the help of Crossan Hoover and Andrew. Baldwin’s body did not stay anchored to the bottom. The body was discovered by the skipper of “The Little Sampson,” floating at the mouth of the San Pablo Bay at 5 pm, July 13th, 1982. Mr. Richard Baldwin’s body was then transported to the Solano County Morgue.


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Richard Baldwin was a mechanical genius possessing an intuitive sense of why things worked. Baldwin was described by others as distrustful of strangers. Baldwin also enjoyed collecting guns and felt the economy was getting worse and might bottom out. This commonality allowed Baldwin to fit in with his neighbor Mark Richards who moved into another unit close by in 1979. Baldwin and Richards became good friends. Baldwin was Mark’s Best Man at Mark’s and Caryn’s wedding and he had also dated Caryn’s sister.


Mark Richards is serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of Richard Baldwin. Mark used Pendragon, a Medieval, Arthurian reference, meaning Chief Dragon or Commander and Chief. Richards had formed an ideology, a fantastical story, as a basis for his plot to turn Marin County into a kingdom based on the model of Camelot. Richards used many tactics to manipulate Crosson Hoover into committing the murder. This Marin County Cult leader, Richards, was down on his luck. The 29-year-old was a building contractor, who found a friend named Richard Baldwin. Baldwin was an established businessman who owned an auto restoration business and was said to keep large amounts of cash and marijuana in his home. Richards decided to rob Mr. Baldwin and realized killing him first would make it much easier. Years after the crime, Mark Richards, again, has come to the public’s attention having claims to have been a secret space command Captain who led THE attack against extraterrestrials to reclaim the secret base at Dulce, New Mexico. He cited a remarkable family history including numerous covert activities affecting global interests and top-level alien contacts. In the light of claims Mark Richards knew that Baldwin was a pedophile rapist at the time of the murder, would Richards have been friends with such a person? Why would a Captain bring teenagers into that environment?


In 1982, Crossan Hoover was employed by Mark Richards. The 17-year-old, Hoover, agreed to help Richards murder Richard Baldwin with promises of $5000, a dune buggy, and lodging in a remodeled portion of Richards’ house. Hoover was also to be made a Duke or Knight of Richards’ Pendragon; a plot to take over Marin County. Mark Richards brainwashed Crossan Hoover who had mental disorders, and a severe drug problem, and was thoroughly indoctrinated into the Pendragon Cult, which led Hoover to kill on the signal of Mark Richards, the cult leader. Richards further manipulated Hoover by falsely claiming Baldwin was not only a Nazi but also a pedophile who deserved to be killed as a public service.


Andrew was an employee of Mark Richards. Although Andrew did not partake in the Murder Of Richard Baldwin, he did stay at Mr. Baldwin’s home while Mark Richards and Crossan Hoover took Mr. Baldwin to his classic car restoration shop, where the murder took place. Andrew went through Baldwin’s house for things to rob and assisted in removing Mr. Baldwin’s safe and other property. Andrew then helped wrap Mr. Baldwin’s body in Baldwin’s shop and loaded it in the boat Richards purchased for the disposal of Mr. Baldwin’s body to, what they vainly hoped would be a final resting place, San Pablo Bay. Andrew testified in exchange for immunity and was not tried. Richards used this grant of immunity during his trial to argue that Andrew's testimony should not be believed.


Willie Robles was a fellow employee of Mark Richards and a member of Pendragon. Richards used Robles to solicit other potential Pendragon Members to join. Robles testified in trial Richards paid him to recruit members. Robles stated Richards had tried to solicit him in killing Mr. Baldwin before Hoover was brought in. Robles placed Crossan Hoover in Pendragon, as he had recruited him to be part of it. Willie Robles testified in court Richards wanted him to manage Angel Island when the Marin County takeover occurred. He further testified that Richards had discussed plans to hit all Marin County government installations, blow up police stations, and move in. Robles enlisted in the Navy prior to the slaying of Mr. Baldwin.


Pendragon was a conspiracy to overthrow Marin County. The Pendragon evidence was extremely relevant showing the extent of Mr. Richard’s powers.  Richards had the ability to manipulate, control, and even direct the young adults who worked for him, no matter how bizarre his scheme may be. Whether the scheme was to take over Marin County with a laser beam or to kill a close friend, like Richard Baldwin, for money, the manipulation was overt.

Pendragon started out as a vigilante group much like the Guardian Angels and then it went a few steps further where it was to be a take-over of Marin County.  ‘Pendragon’ is derived from the Welsh meaning “dragon head,” or “foremost leader,” and came to mean “Chief Dragon of the Island,”

At their weekly meetings, leader Mark Richards told his followers about his plans. The uprising would begin when the country’s economy collapsed. Atop Mount Tamalpais, the sequoia-wooded peak that dominated the Bay area, a laser gun would be aimed toward San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The rebels were to seal off all roads leading in and out of Marin County and establish fortified headquarters in the Romanesque, castle-like buildings of the San Francisco Theological Seminary that were perched on a hill in San Anselmo; both the Golden Gate Bridge to the south and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge that connected Marin County with Contra Costa County to the east must be destroyed. Prisoners would be released from San Quentin Prison because the insurgents did not want to take responsibility for them; no doubt the convicts would take a cue from the Leader’s example and return spontaneously to the paths of virtue.

When Marin County was isolated from the rest of California, it would be transformed into a Kingdom based on the model of Camelot. What the Leader had in mind was not the sentimentalized, Broadway Camelot of Lerner and Loewe, which had, in retrospect, become a symbol of the era of President Kennedy, but the ancient, British realm, over which, King Arthur and his forebears (or wise monarchs much like the members whose names are lost to history) had actually held sway. The Leader was to serve as benevolent “Pendragon” of Imperial Marin, and his teenage followers would be elevated to Knighthood. Richards claimed he was only writing a book titled, Imperial Marin, but to his teenage followers, the plans were discussed far more seriously.

Some of the would-be knights had their doubts about the scheme; they pointed out diplomatically that the laser gun, to be placed on “Mount Tam,” had not yet been invented. True, the Leader conceded, but financing had been obtained for other weapons, including machine guns and missiles, and stockpiling was underway on Mount Tam and in Fresno. When members of the Pendragon group went beyond expressing reservations and decided to leave the ranks of the weird conspiracy, the Leader threatened that disclosure of his military plot would mean death.

George Lucas was supposed to be helping with funding or developing laser weapons.  This adds to the bizarreness of an already bizarre plot. The Leader’s (Richards’) secrets were well kept, until his friends’ body, Mr. Baldwin was found floating near the Sisters Island in San Pablo Bay, the northward fist of San Francisco Bay that thrusts beyond the narrows spanned by the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.


Richards has been in prison for over 30 years.  He is currently serving a sentence of life without parole in the Solano State Prison in Vacaville, California. The story of the crime and the events around Richard’s trial is interesting, but it is his “other life” that first draws one’s attention. Mark Richards claims he was working for the Secret Space Program at the time of the murder.

Supposedly, shrouded in mystery, the existence of the Secret Space Program is a closely guarded secret, but information from government whistle-blowers, intelligence operatives, and former astronauts has been surfacing for decades. Most of Richard’s alleged Secret Space Program work can be found on his website Earth Defense Headquarters which is run by his second wife, Jo Ann Richards. Jo Ann and Mark Richards, of the Earth Defense Headquarters (EDH), present a story that reaches back generations.  Richards is serving a life sentence without parole, for the murder of his friend Richard Baldwin, a crime that became known as the “Pendragon” murder.

Years after the crime, Richards, again, came to public attention with claims to have been a secret, space, command Captain who led an attack against aliens to reclaim a secret base in Dulce, New Mexico. He cited a remarkable, family history, which includes numerous, covert activities affecting global interests and top-level, alien contact. Richards claims he was a Navy Captain and was an Officer involved in the Dulce Battle, as well as very active in the Secret Space Program and U.S. Space Command for many years prior to his being arrested and convicted of a murder he states he did not commit. Richards’ military record, or lack thereof, is interesting.

Richards states that he met aliens at various times growing up, including a 9-foot reptilian prince in 1961.  After President Kennedy’s 1961 speech committing the United States to put a man on the moon, he and his father met the President in his limousine.  Kennedy asked Mark Richards to deliver a top-secret message to Charles de Gaulle.  Mark was just seven years old, but Kennedy is said to have trusted him.  (Knights of the Cold War.)

In 1962, Richards and his babysitter were attacked by human and non-human [Men in Black], engaging Richards in a fierce gun battle with the enemy. He held his own, defending himself and his babysitter who’d been immobilized by a sonic weapon until his Father and his men could come to his aid.  Richards’ stories and reports challenge fundamental notions of history, science, and culture. Carl Sagan once observed that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  Certainly, one should not accept an extraordinary claim at face value, one should require it be proven, to the fullest extent. As former MUFON director, James Carrion warned, “Make sure that you check their sources. Make sure you check every single fact. You better be a fact checker, because if you’re not a fact checker, you’re gonna be at the recipient end of disinformation, hoaxes, and just being led down the primrose path that a lot of ufologists find themselves.”

To assert that Richards was on active duty at the age of 13 stretches all credibility.  Richards graduated from high school in 1972 and attended Dominican college until 1976. In short, Richards was a college student rather than a soldier. There is no record of him being in the military and EDH has provided no documentation to support either his service or his ability to pilot helicopters or any other aircraft. It is a case of stolen valor by Richards.  In August 1979, Richards was married in Marin County, where he had a contracting business. This is the same month Richards states he was injured in a “command roll of Dragon Squadron.” (Dulce Report.) Presumably, this was in the Battle of Vesta, where he contacted the cat-people and commanded a battleship in an alliance to defeat enemy aliens. (EDH, “The Battle of Vesta, August 1979.”) Soon after, Richards was wounded during the Dulce battle. He was a busy man; if he is to be believed.




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