Simon Parkes


Simon Parkes is Born

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Simon is born in whats now called Zimbabwe

Simons Daughter Allison Parkes is Born

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Allison Parkes is Born in Lewisham, london in February  23rd 1986 Mother is Meria Ann Parkes Father is Simon Bard Pakes At the Tiime Simon is a Shop Manager Meria Ann Parkes qualifiactiuon is listed as mother Address 468A Downhem way Bromley

Is the War in Ukraine Part of a U.S. Strategy to Weaken Germany? RAND Says, “YES”!

War is a guilty, vicarious pleasure as long as you are not hunkered in a basement or trench praying that an artillery shell does not score a direct hit on your position. Rumbling tanks, screeching rockets and missiles and troops firing automatic weapons are the stuff that Hollywood trots out to entertain the masses that […]

Daily Recap Podcast: DOJ Issues Subpoenas to Trump Affiliates, Disney Employees Among Human Traffickers, Hispanic Voters Surge to GOP, and More 9-13-2022

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WazirX: India’s ED Unfreezes Crypto Exchange’s Bank Account

You are here: Home / Industry / WazirX: India’s ED Unfreezes Crypto Exchange’s Bank Account WazirX brings some good news to its users. After more than a month, India’s financial crime-fighting agency announced on Monday that WazirX’s bank accounts had been unfrozen. The exchange is connected to Binance, the largest digital currency exchange in the […]

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