The Kerry Cassidy Interviews

The Astonishing Tales of Mark Richards


The Kerry Cassidy interviews with Captain Mark Richards gave him recognition as one of her top whistleblowers. He told her about alien raptors, warned about Trump, and described the secret space program.  She has gone on to call him a national treasure.

Kerry has done 12 interviews under her total recall banner and had to overcome dreaded scalar attacks in the process. Although some of our featured quotes have items from the interviews, this page offers a chance to look further at the legacy that she and Mark have created.

The interviews were done in the visiting room at the Solano State Prison. Kerry visited Mark, along with Jo Ann Richards, as a normal visitor rather than a journalist. This means that she could not use recording devices. As a result, she relies on “total recall” (or notes) to produce videos.  Kerry posted her notes on Project Camelot. We have reviewed them to save you time.

Many of the statements from the interviews appear outlandish. We present them on their own terms. Read the main articles here and take the interviews any way that you choose. To be fair, Jo Ann has stated:

The prison issue aside, what makes our information more unbelievable than others with their abduction and/or MILAB experiences, or the ones who have hybrid children, or those with UFO sightings? Many of those people are my friends and colleagues. Do they have physical proof?

That, however, may be a description of a larger problem.

Kerry explains it:

It’s very strange to be around so many people who do not have the intuitive/psychic ability to discern the truth.  You can present the truth in clear and concise terms but they can’t hear it, can’t see it.

. . . . .
So go ahead pretend I am crazy.  Pretend Mark isn’t telling you the truth. Close your ears and your eyes and pretend it’s all a lie. But you do so at your own peril.  And at the risk of your children.  And their children’s children.

Kerry acknowledges that there is nothing that can be said if you disagree. She is right. This site focuses on more conventional means of discerning the truth and documenting. Mark’s story, but throughout the interviews, there is an undercurrent that truth can be known simply because Mark looks like he would have been in captain in the secret space program; that his statements confirm what Kerry already believes — things that she knows as a remote viewer or through her own psychic ability.  It is an extreme example of confirmation bias.

In some ways it goes back to the ancient test of prophecy.  If you say something is true using higher authority and it does not happen, you do not pass the test. There is a certain amount of danger to venture into other realms and proclaim it to be true on that basis alone.

One game that can be played while reviewing the interviews is to speculate which parts are more “Mark” and which are more “Kerry.”  It is also apparent that Mark is skilled at inserting himself into stories and drawing out material during the interviews. These traits were noted even before his trial in the California Magazine article and other sources.  In retrospect, it is not surprising that Mark would announce himself as a space captain and appeal to Kerry in the ways she has embraced.

The included portions of the interviews focus on things not discussed in depth on this site. We do not try to summarize an entire interview but want to shed more light on certain matters.[1]

First Interview: Raptors and Other Beings 

November 8, 2013.  

The classic introduction for Kerry’s followers begins with her arrival to “Vacaville Prison” – California State Prison Solano – as Jo Ann helped prepare her for their meeting. To Kerry, the interview validated what she had come to believe. Her initial impression was that Mark was “a very interesting man, definitely a military man of Germanic and British background, heritage, and DNA—all that. Very, very knowledgeable about the Secret Space Program, and everything intendant on that.”

The Raptors consider the earth theirs, that they are an indigenous species that left during the end of the dinosaur era. “Some survived and they returned and are now interacting very directly with our military.”   The Raptors love cars and luxury items.Although we have become their allies, “their initial impulse is to eat humans, and they still can do so at any given point if they get mad . . . somebody could be having a friendly relationship . . . talking with them but if they got angry, they could turn around and eat the kid.”  Mark stated, “You’d be surprised what a group of beings would do for some chocolate.”

There are two major races of reptilians that dislike humans and want to take back the earth for their own. One is more humanoid, standing on their legs and without a tail. Another race is more like a traditional reptoid looking race with tails. There is a group, the Ciakars, that are from Draco and have wings.

Mark agreed that methane and the Fukushima disaster involving radiation are efforts to make the planet more amenable to certain races of beings, including the Reptilians.  They are also seeking to create mutants.

The Greys are at the beck and call of the Reptilians. Most of the Greys are clones.They use these interdimensional gates that require them to dematerialize, and when they rematerialize on the other end, they are are not the same — more like duplicates. The process degrades them both physically and mentally.

The Praying Mantis people have lost power over the last 50 years. They were initially favorable toward humans, but that has changed over time.

The bottom line is that no one is running planet Earth. They are all, more or less, at war with each other within the various races of ET. Each reptilian group considers the other lesser than themselves, although they have the same agenda. “That kind of animosity works for us and the Raptors.”

There is no documented record of the Bush family DNA lineage “because it contains Reptilian DNA.” They are not shapeshifters, but they don’t go to regular hospitals. It is the same with the Nazis — there is a bloodline that has to do with the Reptilian DNA that is in the Nazi line.

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