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A family in Mexico suspects that they may have had a ghostly encounter after they saved a woman from a burning apartment and then she subsequently vanished. The weird incident reportedly occurred earlier this week in a residential complex in the city of Altamira when, at around four in the morning, a massive inferno suddenly erupted in an apartment on the fourth floor. Resident Fabiola Buenrostro and her husband heard screams emanating from the blaze. Along with some neighbors, they burst into the apartment and managed to extract a distressed woman from the scene and brought her down to the street below, which is when things took a strange turn.

As the Buenrostros and their neighbors waited outside the building while firefighters put out the blaze, they looked around and realized that the woman had disappeared. Their confusion was compounded when some other residents of the complex informed them that there was actually no one renting that particular apartment. Bewildered by this revelation, they subsequently returned to the building once the fire was extinguished and investigated the situation. When they got inside the apartment, they found only a bucket, a mirror, and a charred nightstand. Aside from those peculiar items, there was no indication that anyone actually lived there.

While some might speculate that perhaps the woman was squatting in the empty apartment, she would have to have been pretty stealthy to pull off such a scheme since it was on the fourth floor of the building and she had apparently gone unnoticed until now. As such, it would seem that the Buenrostros and their neighbors are entertaining a more supernatural scenario as they believe that the rescued woman was actually some kind of apparition. Unless the woman returns to retrieve her bucket and mirror, the eerie account may very well remain a mystery. To that end, what's your take on the spooky story? Share your thoughts with us on The ISNN FaceBook page.

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