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It seems that drones are everywhere these days, however in the wrong hands they have the potential to be quite dangerous and can even pose a threat to a country's national security.

Newly released documents under the Freedom of Information Act contain a detailed account of how multiple US Navy destroyers were continuously hounded by a whole swarm of unidentified drones during a series of incidents that took place over the course of several weeks in summer 2019.

At least three ships reported multiple drones harassing them, with the mysterious aerial vehicles adjusting their speed and position whenever a ship would change course to avoid them.

Efforts to shoot down the drones also proved problematic because the weapons aboard the vessels were not designed to hit small, fast-moving targets.
Special teams known as "Ship Nautical Or Otherwise Photographic Interpretation and Exploitation" (or SNOOPIE) were deployed to gather information about the drones.

While they likely captured numerous photographs, these have not been made available to the public thus far.

The drones continued to hound the vessels for such an extensive period of time that they were still being sighted after the US Navy had launched an official investigation into the phenomenon.

As for where the drones had come from and who was operating them, however, nobody seems to know.

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