• Seemingly making good on threats that have been bandied about for months, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos officially announced that they will be ending their participation in the International Space Station after 2024. The prospect of the country departing the ISS popped up in April of 2021 when Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told reporters that they were planning for such an exit due to the perceived deterioration of the space research facility. While some dismissed this as a bit of scientific saber rattling, it would appear that Russia is moving ahead with the plan as Yuri
  • Authorities in England are sounding the alarm about a particularly unsettling series of creepy clown sightings wherein the haunting harlequins are said to have offered children a ride in their white van. According to a local media report, the nightmare-inducing encounters occurred last week in the community of Wolstanton. On multiple occasions, youngsters walking to school say that a mysterious white van stopped along their route and sent chills down their spine when it became apparent that the driver of the vehicle was, in fact, a clown. Making the experiences all the eerier, if that's even possible, the harlequin behind
  • A family in Mexico suspects that they may have had a ghostly encounter after they saved a woman from a burning apartment and then she subsequently vanished. The weird incident reportedly occurred earlier this week in a residential complex in the city of Altamira when, at around four in the morning, a massive inferno suddenly erupted in an apartment on the fourth floor. Resident Fabiola Buenrostro and her husband heard screams emanating from the blaze. Along with some neighbors, they burst into the apartment and managed to extract a distressed woman from the scene and brought her down to the
  • An unexpected oasis of extreme marine life has been discovered living and flourishing under the Antarctic Ice Shelf. Although researchers had hoped to find some life in this cold, stygian environment, the variety and sheer volume of these extreme environment survivors was wholly unexpected. BACKGROUND: EXTREME ENVIRONEMETS FOSTER EXTREME LIFE The vast majority of life on Earth relies on sunlight for at least some of its basic biological processes. Exceptions to this rule have often been dubbed “extremophiles” for their ability to live and even thrive in extreme environments such as deep water thermal vents that experience no sunlight. This
  • It seems that drones are everywhere these days, however in the wrong hands they have the potential to be quite dangerous and can even pose a threat to a country's national security. Newly released documents under the Freedom of Information Act contain a detailed account of how multiple US Navy destroyers were continuously hounded by a whole swarm of unidentified drones during a series of incidents that took place over the course of several weeks in summer 2019. At least three ships reported multiple drones harassing them, with the mysterious aerial vehicles adjusting their speed and position whenever a ship
  • For 60 years now, one method has dominated astronomers' search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI): the use of extremely powerful receivers to try to pick up radio waves sent through space by ETs in their efforts to communicate. In more recent decades, a second method—scanning the skies for flashes of light, sent by aliens as a signal—was introduced. But optical SETI has its limitations as well. The price of the sensors and lenses needed to detect faraway lights has been very high, and even scientists who could afford them could scan only small parts of the sky at once. Another complication:
  • Scientists aboard a deep sea research vessel exploring the waters off the coast of California could not believe their eyes when they spotted an incredibly rare and truly bizarre-looking fish that sports a transparent head. The remarkable encounter reportedly occurred earlier this month as a remote operated submarine deployed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) was filming within an underwater canyon at a depth of around 2,000 feet. Suddenly, to their profound surprise, the research team caught sight of an odd shape in the distance and, as it got closer, realized that they were watching a very weird denizen of
  • An anomaly hunter scouring NASA images for intriguing oddities on Mars spotted what appears to be a crashed flying saucer on the surface of the Red Planet. South African researcher Jean Ward made the weird discovery when he was looking at a photo taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter back in December of 2006. While the image may be a whopping 15 years old, the researcher's fresh examination of the picture uncovered the curious scene which has been hiding in plain sight for all these years. In the photo, a curious object with a distinctly rounded edge can be seen seemingly half-buried
  • Long shrouded in mystery, the identity of the boy who served as the inspiration for the legendary story 'The Exorcist' has been revealed to be a former NASA engineer who passed away last year. By way of an investigation by JD Sword from the magazine Skeptical Inquirer, it has been determined that Ronald Edwin Hunkeler was the then-14-year-old individual who underwent a series of exorcisms back in 1949 at his home in Cottage City, Maryland. Word of the strange case of purported demonic possession captivated writer William Peter Blatty, who subsequently penned a fictionalized version of the account titled The Exorcist, which
  • In a bizarre story out of Argentina, a missing woman was found 40 miles from where she had last been seen and told authorities that her puzzling disappearance was precipitated by the sighting of a mysterious white light that some suspect could have been a UFO. According to a local media report, the very curious case began on Monday morning in the town of Cuatro Esquinas when the unnamed woman at the center of the odd account was reported missing. After a lengthy search, police wound up zeroing in on an area where they subsequently found the disoriented woman the
  • As a cyborg you can have colors beamed to your brain and wear earrings that sense what’s behind you – and more and more people are getting involved. What’s a cyborg to do when customs officials ask him to remove his antenna for a passport photo? Or when the same antenna is damaged by a Barcelona cop who mistakes it for a video camera? If you’re Neil Harbisson you fight back, which is why he formed the Cyborg Foundation in 2010 along with collaborator and fellow cyborg, Moon Ribas. “It’s basically to promote cyborg art and cyborgism as a social
  • A paper in The British Medical Journal in December reported that cognitive behavioral therapy — a means of coaxing people into changing the way they think as effective as Prozac or Zoloft in treating major depression. In ways no one understands,talk therapy reaches down into the biological plumbing and affects the flow of neurotransmitters in the brain. Other studies have found similar results for “mindfulness” — Buddhist-inspired meditation in which one’s thoughts are allowed to drift gently through the head like clouds reflected in still mountain water. Findings like these have become so commonplace that it’s easy to forget their strange
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