18 Best Prime Day Air Fryer Deals of 2023: Up to 30% on Brands We Trust

It’s day two of Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, and we’ve seen some of our favorite items sell out. But there are still plenty of Prime Day air fryer deals to be had if you know where to look…and clearly you do know where to look because you’re here instead of scrolling through the hundreds of air fryer (and out-of place Apple AirPod) offers that pop up when you search Amazon and other retailers.

Yes, we combed through all of the on-sale basket-style air fryers, air fryer ovens, smart ovens, and other gadgets promising superior air-frying capabilities so you don’t have to. To make it super easy to get the best air fryer for the lowest price (at least until Black Friday rolls around), we’ve compiled a list of the best Prime Day air fryer deals below.

And don’t worry; you won’t find any random Amazon brands you’ve never heard of. These are countertop cookers from high-end and budget-friendly brands we know, including Breville, Philips, Cuisinart, Ninja, and Cosori. As you read below, you’ll also find helpful information about each style to help you understand which kind of air fryer—or air fryer oven, or Instant Pot that can also air fry—is right for your kitchen.

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Why buy an air fryer?

Think air fryers are only for crisping up soggy french fries? Think again. In fact, think of an air fryer as a versatile mini convection oven (because that’s technically what it is, especially the oven-style air fryers), capable of a whole range of cooking functions. The best air fryers are even capable of reheating last night’s leftovers, broiling tonight’s salmon dinner, roasting vegetables to serve on the side, dehydrating fruit for a mid-afternoon snack, slow cooking a stew you’ll serve tomorrow, and even baking your holiday cookies. Many people with larger oven-style air fryers end up using them more often than full-size ovens.

How to get the very best Prime Day air fryer deal

Once you decide what kind of air fryer you want, it makes sense that you’d want to get it for the lowest price possible. After all, isn’t that the whole point of these sales events? And here’s the deal: Like the Amazon Prime Day air fryer deals that pop up every summer, the very best Prime Big Deal Days offers are exclusive to Amazon Prime Members. That doesn’t mean you can’t find an air fryer on sale right now if you’re not a Prime Member, but if you are, you’ll have more access to the biggest discounts on the most popular air fryers.

The good news is that it’s not too late to become a Prime member; you can sign up for a free 30-day trial Prime membership right now and still have full access to Amazon’s October Prime Day sale pricing. Additionally, other retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart offer some competitive deals during Amazon’s big sales, and we’ve included some of the best below.

Basket air fryers

Basket-style air fryers are probably what come immediately to mind when you think “air fryer.” They’re great if you mostly foresee French fries, tater tots, and other small foods in your future because their design means you can easily achieve crispy perfection with a quick shake of the non-stick (often dishwasher-safe) basket.

Basket-style air fryers come in a wide range of quart capacities—from mini air fryers perfect for solo cooking to extra large air fryers capable of feeding an entire family, so there’s sure to be an option for you regardless of your household size or available counter space. These models also rarely require much, if any, preheating time and they’re usually pretty simple to use, though features like presets and touchscreen control panels vary widely among models.

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