3 action movies on Hulu you need to watch in October

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October may be Huluween on Hulu, but action movies are always in season. And this month’s three action movies that you need to watch on Hulu play well at any time of the year.

Our selections this month include an underrated Die Hard film, a Will Smith and Gene Hackman action thriller from 1998, and a Willem Dafoe-led movie that very few people have seen. These are the three action movies on Hulu that you need to watch in October.

Die Hard 2 (1990)

Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2.
20th Century Studios

For all of the talk about Die Hard being a Christmas movie, people forget that Die Hard 2 is also a Christmas movie. The holiday streak wasn’t broken until the third film, Die Hard With a Vengeance, which is widely regarded as the second-best film in the franchise. Regardless, Die Hard 2 is a pretty great action flick in its own right, and this time, John McClane (Bruce Willis), is somewhat famous for his exploits in the first film.

On Christmas Eve in Washington D.C., McClane happens to be at the airport when a disgraced ex-military group seizes air traffic control and threatens the lives of everyone in the planes waiting to land. That includes the plane carrying McClane’s wife, Holly Gennero McClane (Bonnie Bedelia). When the air traffic control director, Ed Trudeau (Fred Thompson), and Captain Carmine Lorenzo (Dennis Franz), fail to take McClane’s warnings seriously, John takes it upon himself to face nearly impossible odds against a heavily armed enemy.

Watch Die Hard 2 on Hulu.

Enemy of the State (1998)

Will Smith and Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State.
Buena Vista Pictures

Enemy of the State was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, so obviously it’s loud and dumb at times. However, the late director, Tony Scott, keeps up a frantic pace throughout and makes everything entertaining. Will Smith stars as Robert Clayton Dean, a labor lawyer who is unknowingly drawn into a conspiracy involving NSA head Brian Reynolds (Jon Voight), and his involvement with the murder of a sitting congressman.

Robert is mystified and freaked out when he is suddenly framed for embezzlement and for the murder of his friend, Rachel Banks (Lisa Bonet). In the aftermath of Rachel’s death, her protector and partner, Edward “Brill” Lyle (Gene Hackman), gives Robert some much-needed assistance. Unfortunately, the ever-present security cameras on every block mean the NSA can find them if they slip up even once.

Watch Enemy of the State on Hulu.

The Hunter (2011)

Willem Dafoe in The Hunter.
Magnolia Pictures

Inside‘s Willem Dafoe has a rare heroic turn in The Hunter, which places him in the title role, Martin David. A secretive biotech company called Red Leaf hires Martin to go to Tasmania to find the rare Tasmanian tiger, and to ensure that any remaining tigers are rendered extinct after he collects biological samples.

While spending time outside of the woods, Martin befriends Lucy Armstrong (Frances O’Connor) and her two children, Katie (Morgan Davies) and Jamie (Finn Woodlock). But when Martin realizes that Red Leaf wants the tiger’s biosamples to create a weapon, he discovers that the company has already sent someone to replace him. And the replacement hunter may target the Armstrong family as well.

Watch The Hunter on Hulu.

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