Ask HN: Underrated music, books, movies?

Ask HN: Underrated music, books, movies?

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Underrated music, books, and movies that you’d like to share? This thread may be highly biased, but I’m confident that we’ll find some great discoveries for a lazy Sunday.

I keep two eclectic lists of “interesting” stuff:

On the movie side, I’d suggest “Dark City”, the 1998 neo-noir sci-fi film directed by Alex Proyas (more famous for The Crow). Not sure why it isn’t more widely known – I think in some ways it got overshadowed by The Matrix which was released not long afterwards but I like it a lot.

Music: Shearwater, and probably Okkervil River too. I don’t know if they are underrated, I’ve seen both live and there was hardly anyone there + I enjoy them a lot.

Book: The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie not that it’s a brilliant book, it’s just underrated because it’s funny and pretty well written for a first novel.

Allan Holdsworth. I wouldn’t say underrated, but well, not very approachable as a first time listener. ‘Secrets’ is a good album to start with.

One of my favorite songs is called Art of Life, by X Japan. It’s a ~30 minute masterpiece. It features a long chaotic piano solo in the middle, representing the author’s descent into madness.

Every album by Ayreon is amazing, but The Human Equation has always stood out as one of their best works. It’s about a man that falls into a coma for 20 days and is forced to confront his personalized memories and emotions.

Hard sci-fi books by Daniel Suarez. Former IT consultant, so tech details in books are pretty realistic. And since these are relatively recent books, tech and humanity challenges are up to date. Currently reading Daemon, a book about all-powerful A.I., nowadays seem more plausible (hopefully we’re not there yet!) then in 2009 when it came out. I can also recommend two books about space travel – Delta-V and Critical Mass.

I was listening to Gang of Youths the other day and was surprised to see they only had 6k fans on Deezer.

I’d maybe compare them to Kings of Leon (2.2M fans) or Mumford & Sons (0.9M fans).

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