Binance Japan and MUFG Trust Bank Forge Partnership for New Bank-Backed Stablecoin

This partnership is also a significant stride in the Japanese government’s endeavor to embrace blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, fostering their broader adoption within the country and beyond.

Binance Japan is partnering with Mitsubishi UFJ (MUFG) Trust Bank, a move squarely aligned with the Japanese government’s new Web3 policy. This collaboration aims to birth a new stablecoin, and the chosen platform for its development is the Progmat coin platform, a proprietary asset of MUFG. This platform diligently adheres to the strict Japanese regulations governing the issuance and management of cryptocurrencies.

Back in 2022, when the Japanese government imposed restrictions on non-banking institutions issuing stablecoins, a new strategy was devised to introduce bank-backed stablecoins across various blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and others, all powered by MUFG. As part of this comprehensive strategy, the bank introduced the Progmat coin just last year, with the overarching goal of providing an interoperable and universally accepted asset payment solution for both stablecoins and digital currencies.

The issuance of this stablecoin represents a strategic move to diversify financial services within the Japanese crypto landscape. This innovative stablecoin is poised to facilitate transactions in the Japanese yen and other major global currencies like the US dollar. By doing so, it effectively extends the utility of cryptocurrencies beyond national borders, reaching international markets. In its release, Binance stated:

“This game-changing stablecoin will be born utilizing the Progmat Coin platform, an innovation owned and operated by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank… The partnership is already in full swing, with the three entities conducting a joint study to pave the way for the stablecoin’s introduction. Their mission is to issue a novel stablecoin capable of facilitating transactions not only in yen (JPY) but also in currencies as mighty as the US dollar (USD).”

This partnership with Binance is also a significant stride in the Japanese government’s endeavor to embrace blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, fostering their broader adoption within the country and beyond. The creation of stablecoins and the establishment of strategic partnerships are pivotal steps in achieving this overarching goal.

A Pivotal Leap towards Widespread Cryptocurrency Adoption

Japan stands out as one of the first major economies to have instituted comprehensive regulatory frameworks for stablecoins. The country is expected to see a substantial uptick in stablecoin offerings linked to the Japanese yen and the US dollar after 2024. The government plans to issue the necessary certificates and licenses to qualifying entities to facilitate this growth.

This proactive stance by the Japanese government holds the potential for a profound impact on the Japanese yen and the country’s burgeoning cryptocurrency market. It represents a significant stride toward the seamless integration of cryptocurrencies into the fabric of traditional finance.

Stablecoins, known for their inherent value stability, offer many real-world applications, from everyday transactions and purchasing goods and services to facilitating cross-border money transfers to support loved ones. The ease with which stablecoins can be exchanged between users makes them an attractive choice for various day-to-day financial transactions.

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