Brian McKnight Wishes His Stepson A Happy 21st Birthday: ‘You Are The Son Any Man Could Only Hope For’

Brian McKnight is keeping it consistent and wishing his stepson, Jack, a happy 21st birthday while remaining estranged from his older biological children.

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Brian McKnight Shows Jack Love & Speaks On Their “Bond”

Brian shared his upload earlier this week, and it highlighted numerous photos of him and “Jackboy.”

At the start of his lengthy caption, McKnight declared, “It seems just like yesterday that your mom blessed me with you and your sister, and we all became a family.” 

Continuing, the artist spoke on the “bond” that he shares with Jack, who he called his “son.”

“I could not be prouder that you are my son, the bond that we have forged is undeniable, and every day it grows even stronger.”

Brian McKnight then showed some love to his wife, Leilani, before wishing Jack well and declaring, “You are the son any man could only hope for.”

Check out his upload down below.

The Internet Has Some Thoughts On How Brian Treats His Stepkids As Opposed To His Own Children

This development comes on the heels of Brian McKnight catching some attention over the status of his relationship with his biological children.

As The Shade Room reported, the “Back at One” singer was called out earlier this year for showing plenty of love to his stepkids while paying his older children dust.

Following the buzz on the matter, McKnight dished on the “mutual” beef between him and his children. Additionally, Brian said he makes “absolutely no apologies” for naming his infant son “Brian” when he has an older son named Brian McKnight Jr., as he wants it to be clear that he’s his “true legacy.”

We should add that McKnight’s Instagram bio completely omits his older children and reads, “Father of Julia, Jack, Kekoa Matteo, and Brian Kaineo Makoa” — his two stepkids, his late son, and his youngest child, respectively.

Considering Brian’s beef with his biological children, the Roommates popped off below The Shade Room‘s Instagram upload on his birthday wishes for Jack.

One user going by @yooohypemommy called the situation “sad” before throwing some shade at Brian McKnight.

“It’s sad….like Brian do your OTHER kids ever cross your mind…..ANYTIME? Damn.”

Another Roomie, @lo_lo_mitch, proclaimed, “He’s trolling at this point and being extra for the media clearly to piss his real children off.”

As for @keishamsc, she honed in on Brian McKnight’s wife and acknowledged, “I would be sick if someone used my kids to p*ss off their own.”

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