Broforce Forever is one final free update for the side-scrolling action movie celebration

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Broforce was a side-scrolling riff on ’80s action movies, in which you’d take control of Rambro, B.A. Broracus and others to run ‘n’ gun through explosive levels. I feel like most of my runs would end because I blew myself up alongside the enemies.

On August 8th, Broforce is getting one final free update. Titled Broforce Forever, it adds six new bros, introduced in a trailer below.

Six new bros added in Broforce’s final free update, Broforce Forever.

The six new bros are Xebro: Warrior Princess, Demoition Bro, Burt Brommer, Seth Brondle, Broffy The Vampire Slayer, and Desperabro. If some of these seem like they’re stretching the “’80s actoin movies” premise I laid out in the introduction, please consider that the game already included the likes of the William Wallace-inspired Broheart. If they fight in a film, they’re fair game.

While this is the final update, and the first in a while Broforce has had a long life. It appeared via Steam Greenlight back in 2012 and was steadily expanded in the following years before reaching 1.0 sometime around 2015, after which there were more free updates. There was also a free spin-off called The Expandabros in 2014.

“There’s so much happening from moment to moment, so many systems at play, that when a stray explosion destroys the struts that are keeping a ceiling in place and the whole thing crashes down on an enemy squad, or a furious mechanised death machine stomps the ground so hard that it digs itself into a sinkhole, you barely even notice,” , wrote Adam when reviewing Broforce at launch. “Forget your Just Causes, your Uncharteds, your Battlfields and your Call of Duties – Broforce comes closer to capturing the beautiful chaos and heroic misadventures of a big budget action movie than any of them.”

High praise! It’s currently less than £3 on Steam.

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