Damar Hamlin Documentary Following Miraculous Recovery In Development

“Damar’s incredible story needed to be shared with audiences.”

Damar Hamlin posing for picture.

Damar Hamlin #3 of the Buffalo Bills looks on against the Chicago Bears during the second half of a preseason game at Soldier Field on August 26, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois.

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Damar Hamlin is receiving a documentary entitled Did We WinDeadline reports. The film follows the Buffalo Bills’ safety and his miraculous recovery after almost dying on the football field. According to the outlet, Damar’s team has been recording his journey from when he arrived at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The film documents how he fought to regain his strength and handled life after his accident during that Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Clay Tweel directed Did We Win with Beau Flynn, handling production duties through his FlynnPictureCo company. Scott Sheldon will executive produce the sports doc alongside Steve Michaels and Jodi Flynn from Asylum Entertainment Group, Jordon Rooney of Jaster Athletes, and Parkside Films’ Shannon Riggs. Additionally, Skydance Sports and NFL Films will serve as the film’s executive producers. 

Did We Win will also be FPC’s first doc. Their previous work includes Black AdamJungle Cruise, Red Notice, and Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Moana. 

Beau spoke about Damar’s story, referring to Hamlin as a “superhero.” “Damar is a real-life superhero,” Flynn detailed. “His impact and recovery in such a short period of time has been extraordinary to witness. I am honored that he and his family have entrusted us. Damar’s incredible story needed to be shared with audiences and look forward to taking this step into nonfiction with him.”

“Damar and his family are true examples of strength and perseverance, and I can’t wait to share their deeply emotional story with the world,” Tweel expressed.

Damar Hamlin suffered a shocking injury during the Monday Night Football game against the Bengals on Jan. 2, 2023. The NFL star made a tackle on Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins and suddenly collapsed. He was rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he was sedated and in critical condition. 

On Jan. 9, 2023, he was discharged from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and was briefly monitored at his Buffalo, N.Y., home. ESPN reported that the professional athlete opened up about suffering from commotio cordis, a rare form of cardiac arrest.

“Commotio cordis is an extremely rare consequence of blunt force trauma to the heart that happens at exactly the wrong time in the heart rhythm, causing the heart to stop beating effectively,” the American Heart Association describes. 

“Not to sound cliché, man, but the ‘wow moment’ is every day just being able to wake up and just take deep breaths and live a peaceful life,” the Pennsylvania native said, according to Fox News. “To have a family, to have people around me that love me, that care about me, and for those people to still have me in their lives. They almost lost me. I died on national TV in front of the whole world. That right there is just the biggest blessing of it all. For me to still have my people and for my people to still have me.”

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