‘Destiny 2’ Asked For PvP Feedback, Here’s What 3,000 Players Said



Bungie maintains that they are going to redouble their efforts not to let Destiny 2 PvP die on the vine, even as they prepare to release a new big multiplayer game like Marathon. They are making a full-on free map pack next year, and forming a dedicated PvP “strike team” to work on the mode.

Well, it appears that strike team wants some ideas, as Bungie has now solicited Destiny 2 player feedback in terms of what they should be focusing on adding to or changing in PvP. As you might imagine, players have opinions, and there were over 3,000 responses to the post.

Some common themes definitely emerged. While not everyone will agree with the most popular takes, there are a number of issues that kept coming up, including those from some of the game’s top players. We have:

More Maps – This has been the #1 thing for ages now, but even after being partially addressed, the game will need more than one free map pack (we’re not sure how many maps it has), and it also needs good maps, which is not exactly what the last two have been.

Undo Airborne Effectiveness – This was something no one ever asked for, and it felt like an overcomplicated way to nerf things like the Stompees playstyle, when Stompees ended up being hard nerfed anyway. Of all the requests, I do imagine that this may be the one that’s the hardest to untangle, as it’s not just deleting AE from the game, it’s also interwoven with abilities and perks now. Not that it wouldn’t be worth it to revert, but it would absolutely be a mess.

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More Rewards – This is across all PvP modes. Things like Comp weapons are good, but need more chances to drop. Iron Banner loot needs to be a greater pursuit rather than 1 of 20 weapons being worth going for. More dedicated Crucible weapon and even armor drops as a whole.

KDA Displayed – This may be part of Bungie’s “don’t make people feel bad” philosophy for various modes, but in practicality, it’s just sort of annoying to not be able to measure performance among good or bad players. I know this is meant to combat toxicity, but it feels like you lose more than you gain.

No Duo Queue – This is for Trials and Comp, as it makes playing solo bad, since you don’t have comms with them. It also saps players from 3v3, making that pool worse as well.

Map Voting – This is something Destiny has never had, but it may be time to introduce it, given the current slate of maps and how exhausting it can be to get a good one or a new one, most recently.

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Nerf Anteaus Wards – Of all the proposed nerfs on this list, I saw the Titan sliding exotic coming up far more often than any other. Bungie has nerfed loads of other exotics for far less.

CBMM/SBMM – I have lost track of what people want where at this point and it’s switched around so many times. I think the end result is CBMM should be in casual modes, SBMM should be in competitive modes.

Of all these, I think removing Airborne Effectiveness is by far the most common request given that there are finally actually new maps being promised. Again, I think that is by far the most complex thing to do, given how long that system took to make and how infused it now is into every part of the game. But it’s what the people want. We’ll see how that goes, and how long any of these take to implement.

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