Fine Art Shippers Provides Luxury Moving Services in New York

Fine Art Shippers, an art logistics company with over 25 years of experience, provides luxury moving services in New York and beyond.

The art logistics company Fine Art Shippers offers comprehensive luxury moving services in New York. With over twenty-five years of experience transporting rare and expensive items for art institutions, businesses, and private clients, the company deals with orders of various levels of complexity. Fine Art Shippers specializes in handling fine art pieces, antiques, designer furniture, luxury home decor, and other categories of valuables and collectibles. It works with a dedicated team of professional art movers who have the necessary skills to successfully transport any object anywhere in the US and internationally.

For a smooth and stress-free luxury moving experience, Fine Art Shippers offers flexible transportation options and an individual approach to each client. The company has competitive prices and designs transportation plans in accordance with the client’s requirements and wishes.

As one of the most trusted luxury moving companies in New York, Fine Art Shippers provides comprehensive packing and crating services for all kinds of valuables. The team offers a large selection of packaging options for any moving need, including custom shipping crates that are constructed for delicate and fragile items. Fine Art Shippers always uses top-quality materials to ensure the security and safety of their clients’ possessions in transit.

Fine Art Shippers utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide optimal protection to art and antique pieces during transportation. It moves all items in specially equipped trucks that maintain a strictly controlled microclimate unaffected by temperature, moisture, and light. The company’s vehicles are protected with the best security system available on the market, making them perfect for the transportation of delicate luxury items across the country. For even more protection, Fine Art Shippers collaborates with insurance companies to provide comprehensive transit and storage insurance services to its clients.

Those who want to get an unparalleled luxury moving experience opt for the Fine Art Shippers’ personal courier delivery service, with each step in the art handling and moving process overseen by a trained expert. This option is well suited for clients wishing to move high-value and expensive works of art, antiques, and other collectibles. Personalized delivery options are available for local, national, and international transportation.

The large spectrum of services offered by Fine Art Shippers also includes art installation and staging. Fine Art Shippers can assemble any piece of designer furniture, install any work of art, and find the best way to display items in the new space.

Fine Art Shippers can be reached via email at or phone at (917) 658-5075. Free shipping quotes are available for all clients.

About Fine Art Shippers

Fine Art Shippers is a professional fine art shipping company headquartered in New York City. Established in 1995, we have grown to provide a wide range of art and antique moving services to meet the needs of the art community and private collectors from around the world. Our expertise includes but is not limited to luxury home moving, art packing and crating, art storage, white glove art courier service, art installation, antique furniture moving, international transportation, and gallery exhibition services. We operate across the United States and worldwide, making Fine Art Shippers the number one choice for many reputable art business professionals and institutions. Find more information about our team of dedicated art shippers on our website.

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