Fujifilm X100V successor with updated lens rumored to arrive in early 2024

The X100V's successor is likely to feature an upgraded lens (Image Source: Fujifilm)
The X100V’s successor is likely to feature an upgraded lens (Image Source: Fujifilm)

Reports from trusted sources have revealed that the replacement for the ultra-popular Fujifilm X100V will feature a new or updated lens, although the specifics of that update are unclear. This follows a previous report that the new camera will be arriving in early 2024.

Fuji Rumors has reported, citing “trusted sources”, that the successor to the crowd-favorite Fujifilm X100V premium compact camera will feature a new or upgraded lens. It is careful to point out, however, that this could refer to anything from a very minor redesign, such as making the lens weather-sealed without requiring a UV filter, to an entirely new lens configuration such as one possibility discussed below. Another recent report from inside sources had indicated that the new camera would be arriving in early 2024.

The X100V was launched in February 2020 as the fifth iteration in the X100 series, and was the first to upgrade the fixed 23 mm f/2.0 pancake lens with sharper optics, less distortion and shorter close-focus distance. This relatively recent upgrade raises questions as to the scope of the upcoming change. Back in October 2020, Fujifilm had filed a patent specifying two alternate lens variants for an X100 model with 20 mm and 21 mm focal lengths. While a new focal length remains possible, patents filed by manufacturers don’t always make their way to production models, and the current 23 mm (equivalent to 35 mm in full-frame) is  already considered ideal by most users.

Meanwhile, one is free to speculate on other changes to the X100V’s successor (including the name – X100VI, perhaps?). A safe bet would be sensor and processor upgrades. Since 2020, we’ve seen a new X-Trans 5 HR CMOS sensor in the X-H2 and X-T5, as well as the X-Processor 5 in the X-H2, X-T5 and X-S20, so it’s quite reasonable to expect these to show up in the ‘X100VI’.

The prime lens with manual controls is essential to the X100V's appeal (Image Source: Fujifilm)
The prime lens with manual controls is essential to the X100V’s appeal (Image Source: Fujifilm)

The entire X100 series, and the X100V in particular, has received high praise from reviewers for the simplified, hands-on approach to photography enabled by its dedicated manual controls and high-quality prime lens. From appealing at first to purists, the hype around the camera escalated to the point that demand far outstripped supply and earlier this year, Fujifilm had to suspend orders until production could catch up.

Hopefully, Fujifilm will step up its production capabilities this time around. Meanwhile, those still waiting for their X100V will have to decide if it’s worth waiting for at least a few more months to get the newer model.

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