“It’s Embarrassing, but I Did It,”a Woman Mistakenly Swallowed Her AirPod (Video)

A 52-year-old TikToker in the US accidentally swallowed an AirPod, mistaking it for a vitamin during a morning walk. This humorous incident made waves online and the video gained more than 2 million views.

The woman thought she was drinking her pill.

On TikTok over the weekend, realtor Tanna Barker shared that the mishap took place on a Saturday while she was out for a walk and bumped into a friend. Engrossed in their chat, she reached for her vitamins. Sensing something unusual, she initially thought her pills had clumped together strangely. Consequently, she continued to swallow and drank more water.

“I could feel it going down so slow,” shared.

She decided to share her story with her followers on TikTok.

After bidding farewell to her friend, Barker explained that she suddenly realized the pills were still in her hand and, to her surprise, she had accidentally swallowed her husband’s left AirPod. (She owns her own AirPods but happened to be borrowing his on that particular day.)

“I was just like, ’Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just did that,’” she said. “I’ve got an AirPod inside me now. It’s embarrassing, but I did it.”

Barker further shared that, in a state of shock, she returned home and tearfully confided in her husband about the mishap. He advised her not to disclose it to anyone, though she insisted on doing so, even to her 4,000 TikTok followers. She began reaching out to friends and family in the medical profession for guidance.

The story is not over yet, the woman promised to share further updates on this.

Followers were intrigued, wondering if the AirPod still worked inside Barker’s body and if she could hear music from her stomach.

The answer is no. On Saturday, the “Find My” app briefly showed the AirPods’ location when her husband placed his phone against her stomach. It worked twice without beeping but later disconnected and couldn’t be replicated.

Barker continues monitoring with gloves and plans to update her followers. She appreciates the support, saying, “People have been so kind,” adding humorously, “I’ve never seen so much interest in someone’s bowels.”

Such a situation may happen to everyone. The most important thing is not to panic but to welcome all incidents with a smile and humor and just like our hero share them with friends or followers to laugh together.

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