MetaMask Announces Sell Feature to Cash Out Crypto

By Philip Maina

6 days agoWed Sep 06 2023 10:31:49


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  • MetaMask is adding a feature allowing users to cash out their ETH holding for cash
  • The feature is available to the wallet’s Portfolio users in the United States, parts of Europe and the United Kingdom
  • MetaMask disclosed that it’ll expand the number of supported cryptos and regions in the future

Popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask is adding a feature enabling users of its Portfolio offering to directly sell their ETH for cash. The feature will initially be available to users in the United States, parts of Europe and the United Kingdom, with MetaMask promising to support more cryptos and regions in the future. The new feature comes roughly a year after the wallet platform partnered with Sardine to allow for crypto purchases with a bank card, an indication that MetaMask is shifting to become an on-off ramp to the crypto and blockchain world.

Boosting Web3 Adoption

According to the web3 wallet, the ‘sell’ feature will allow users to connect to their bank accounts, adding that future updates will allow the sale of native tokens of Ethereum scaling platforms like Optimism, Arbitrum and Polygon.

We are beyond thrilled to announce our latest feature: Sell.

Yes, you read that right. Available on MetaMask Portfolio, ‘Sell’ allows you to cash out your crypto for fiat currency easily.

🔗 Discover more at

— MetaMask 🦊💙 (@MetaMask) September 5, 2023

MetaMask Portfolio previously allowed users to bridge, swap, stake, buy and track virtual assets “in one easy to use place,” with the addition of a sell option saving users the hustle of moving assets to other platforms like exchanges for conversion to fiat.

In a blog postthe wallet provider revealed the feature, together with others previously available on Portfolio, is meant to “make web3 attainable to more people” by reducing the number of intermediaries.

Committed to Secure and Easy Access

The feature adds to MetaMask’s attempts to secure and ease access to the blockchain world. Last year, for example, the wallet provider partnered with Asset Reality to help scam victims trace their funds. MetaMask also updated its mobile app enabling users to purchase crypto on Apple Pay.

With MetaMask being a reputable web3 wallet provider, the sell feature is likely to boost the adoption of the Portfolio.

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