Ne-Yo’s Ex Sade Bagnerise Acknowledges Arrest For Allegedly Assisting Son During Fight: ‘Will Always Protect My Kids’

Following news of her prior arrest for allegedly helping her son fight some classmates, Sade Bagnerise — one of Ne-Yo‘s exes — is speaking out and coming thru with the receipts! Furthermore, she’s unapologetically stating that she “will always protect [her] kids.”

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Sade Bagnerise Showed Off Her Ankle Monitor Before Saying She’ll “Always Protect” Her Kids

Sade addressed the situation on Monday (Sept. 11) by sharing a photo of her donning an ankle monitor.

Alongside this upload, Sade proudly proclaimed, “I will never understand bullying someone and then playing victim when they stand up for themselves.”

She noted that while she doesn’t “condone bullying,” she “will always protect [her] kids.” Sade Bagnerise also spoke about how she was glad to support her son despite the consequences.

“This has been stressful to deal with from the charges to the ankle monitor but that’s my son and when nobody had his back I have to have it.”

Then, she shed light on the 16-year-old “football players” who allegedly fought her son, accusing them of “jumping, attacking, antagonizing, threatening and bullying” him.

She went on to state, “We don’t condone bullying over here. I will always protect everybody I love especially my KIDS.”

In another post centered on a “say no to bullies” sticker, she alleged that her son’s attackers “posted the video all over socials to humiliate him at school.” She also said they dropped a diss track about the situation, though they’re allegedly “playing victim” now.

Check out Sade Bagnerise’s posts down below.

Sade Followed Up By Sharing Ring Camera Footage

In addition to these uploads, Sade Bagnerise shared Ring camera footage to highlight the alleged “bullying” her son was subjected to.

In fact, she shared photos of people who were allegedly “constantly circling [her] home and demanding him to come outside.”

Sade says that her daughter was also threatened by the “alleged victim” before accusing the supposed bully of “following thru on that threat by having two teens attack [her] son after school.”

Additionally, Sade alleged that “a woman and two grown men” also “attacked” her daughter. The attack allegedly left her daughter “with a knot and bloody mouth.”

Word Of The Situation Broke Last Week

As The Shade Room reported, resurfaced documents revealed that Sade was arrested over the incident back in March.

Radar Online first reported on the matter late last week. The Shade Room later reviewed Fulton County Jail records, which noted that the situation occurred on Mar. 24 while Sade was booked three days later.

She was charged with battery and cruelty to children in the first and third degree before being released on a total of $31,000 bond on Mar. 29.

In a statement to Radar Online, Sade Bagnerise said she was protecting her son “as any mother would.”

“My son was getting bullied and jumped from the kids at his school, and I only got involved to help and protect him as any mother would.”

The alleged victim’s mother, Veronica Madison, accuses Sade of pepper-spraying and kicking the child before putting him in a chokehold. It’s also noted that Sade’s son was attacking the child as well.

As per Radar Online, the child involved in the incident is a separate son of Sade Bagnerise. He is not shared with singer Ne-Yo.

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