NeNe Leakes Emotionally Discusses Thought Of Remarrying Someone To Have ‘A Partner For Life’

Just over two years following Gregg Leakes‘ passing, NeNe Leakes is acknowledging how she considered remarrying solely for the sake of having a life partner by her side.

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NeNe Leakes Reveals She Had A Moment After Having To List An Emergency Contact

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum shared her commentary during a recent YouTube video. The clip featured NeNe engaging in some “pillow talk” with viewers. This upload followed another video centered on the subject of dating after 50, and NeNe expanded on the matter by sharing an emotional reflection that was seemingly triggered by her having to list an emergency contact.

“I got really emotional in the [doctor’s] office. It came out of nowhere. I was literally looking at the paper like, ‘Who is my emergency contact? Who is it that I would want somebody to call in case something happens?’”

NeNe Leakes added, “In any other case, I would’ve had them reach out to my husband. So I had to start thinking of who my emergency contact would be.”

While she listed one of her sons as her emergency contact, the overall experience made her question whether she should “just marry” someone for the sake of having a “partner for life.”

“Maybe I should just marry, whether I’m 100% happy with the person or not, maybe I should marry just so that I have a partner. You know, a partner for life.”

She noted that, while she understands the person may not be “right” for her, she wondered if tying the knot to have someone be there “during hard times” would make it worthwhile.

“Even though I know the person isn’t right for me, I’m just thinking [that by] having a partner for life, at least there’s someone. Maybe we could have an agreement that this person would be there for me and I would be there for them during hard times or medical times or something like that.”

NeNe Says She Strives To Be With Someone Who “Really Loves” Her

As NeNe Leakes continued her emotional “pillow talk” conversation, she said she believed “many women” out there may be in similar situations and considering just marrying for a life partner.

“I feel like there’s many women who would feel like, ‘I know this guy is not the right guy, but maybe we are cool enough or friendly enough or we like each other [to] where maybe we should be married and we’re just partners for life.’”

However, she was sure to note that such arrangements require a mutual understanding between the parties.

“But being partners for life means he will see whoever he wants to see, I will see whoever I want to see, and we will be there for each other during hard times. Doing that, you have to know that that person will probably be talking to other people and loving other people, and they’re just with you for the hard times.”

On account of these factors, NeNe ultimately said she decided against pursuing such an arrangement. Nonetheless, the conversation — coupled with her recent “Dating in your 50s (This Is BAD!)” video — suggests that Leakes may still be coming to terms with and navigating her new situation.

“I considered it, but I know that it’s not who I am as a person. I really would wanna be with someone who really loves me and really wanted to be there for me.”

What do you think about the matter, Roomies?

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