Offset Breaks His Silence & Addresses His Relationship With Quavo

During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, former Migos member Offset finally broke his silence on his relationship with fellow former Migos member Quavo. He also hinted at the possibility of future music collaborations while expressing his desire to explore business ventures and more.

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On October 11, during his appearance on The Breakfast Club, Offset was asked about his current relationship with Quavo. In response, the “FAN” rapper emphasized:

“That’s my brother at the end of the day. But we good though bro. Cause we be going through emotions and sh*t with this sh*t.”

This was alluding to the difficulties they faced after Takeoff’s tragic passing in November 2022.

Upcoming Music Plans

When questioned about the potential of working on music together again, Offset expressed his openness to the idea. He stated, “I think so,” suggesting that there is a possibility for future collaborations.

The Georgia native also expressed his desire to focus on other aspects of his life, including business ventures and being a dedicated family man beyond his music career.

Turmoil Timeline

The dynamic between the two former Migos had been strained in the past, leading to rumors of a feud.

Incidents such as an alleged backstage scuffle at the 2023 Grammys and trading shots on social media only fueled the speculation.

However, in a heartwarming gesture, both rappers were seen celebrating Takeoff’s birthday in June 2023 at a family gathering where they donned matching shirts bearing the late rapper’s face. As of now, Quavo has not publicly addressed Offset’s comments regarding their relationship.

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Migos Reunion? Quavo & Offset Celebrate Takeoff’s Birthday

In a heartwarming display of unity, Migos rappers Quavo and Offset recently came together to celebrate the late Takeoff’s birthday. The two were seen wearing matching T-shirts featuring the late rapper’s face, surrounded by loved ones at a park gathering.

Offset & Quavo Make Amends?

Recently, Quavo took to Instagram to share photos of himself and Offset wearing white T-shirts adorned with Takeoff’s image, along with stacks of chains and sunglasses. The photos were taken during a birthday celebration in honor of Takeoff, who would have turned 29.

This reunion comes after rumors of a backstage altercation at the Grammy Awards in early 2023.

The Migos rappers were joined by friends and family, all donning Takeoff-themed attire, in a park setting. Quavo also admired a large mural of his late nephew at the gathering, highlighting the emotional significance of the event.

The reunion between Quavo and Offset holds particular significance due to recent reports of a physical altercation backstage at the February Grammy Awards. However, Offset denied these rumors on Twitter, and their joint appearance at Takeoff’s birthday celebration suggests that any differences have been put aside to honor their late bandmate.

Both Quavo and Offset attended Takeoff’s memorial service in November, although there were no reports of direct interaction between the two during the service. Following the memorial, Quavo traveled to Paris and shared a photo before the Triumphal archstill wearing the Takeoff-themed T-shirt, indicating their fallen comrade’s lasting impact and remembrance.

In Honor Of Takeoff + Justice For The Late Rapper

On social media, both Quavo and Offset individually paid tribute to Takeoff on what would have been his birthday. Offset shared a heartfelt message, referring to Takeoff as the greatest to touch a mic and expressing love and admiration for his pure spirit. Quavo, on the other hand, expressed his excitement for future celebrations, emphasizing that they will continue celebrating Takeoff’s life.

Quavo even revealed that his upcoming solo album would be named “Rocket Power” in honor of Takeoff, further solidifying their bond and the lasting impact Takeoff had on the Migos.

As the Migos reunion unfolds, fans are hopeful that the bond between Quavo and Offset will continue to strengthen, honoring Takeoff’s memory and ensuring the legacy of the Migos lives on.

In other news, Patrick Xavier Clark, the suspect arrested for Takeoff’s killing, has been indicted on a murder charge by a grand jury. Clark was released on bond in early 2023.
In addition, Tatania Davenport, the mother of late Migos rapper Takeoff, is pursuing legal action by filing a negligence lawsuit against 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, TX. The lawsuit relates to the tragic incident in which Takeoff was fatally shot during an escalated argument.

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Is Quavo Throwing Shade At Offset? Fans Speculate After Instagram Post

Fans have accused Quavo of being jealous or “petty” for taking shots at Offset on social media since Takeoff’s death. In a new Instagram post, Quavo appears to take a shot at Offset after he got a back tattoo of Takeoff. Fans may believe there could be a silent battle on who can honor the late rapper the best.

Quavo’s recent Instagram post, accompanied by a cryptic caption, has sparked speculation among music fans that it may be directed toward former Migos member Offset.

In Quavo’s Instagram post, the Atlanta rapper posted a slideshow of him on top of an airplane, with the caption:

“Rocket Power It’s In You Not on You!”

“Rocket” was Takeoff’s nickname.

Offset recently got a back tattoo of his cousin and the late Migos rapper, Takeoff.  Since Takeoff’s death, both rappers have honored the late rapper.

In fact, Quavo announced his upcoming album, Rocket Power would be dedicated to Takeoff after releasing the song “Without You,”  on January 2023. In November 2022, Offset had pictures of Takeoff on stage while performing less than two weeks after his death.

Fans on Twitter responded to Quavo dissing Offset on Twitter.

One user accused Quavo of being jealous of Offset for getting more attention than him while another user called Quavo a “b*tch” for dissing Offset.

Quavo and Offset have not been on good terms since the death of Takeoff. Both rappers were reportedly involved in an altercation before Quavo performed a tribute to honor the late rapper during the 2023 Grammys on Feb. 5.

Quavo Confirms Migos Is Over In New Song “Greatness”

Migos rapper Quavo released a song called “Greatness” and rapped about the status of the Migos after the death of fellow Migos member, Takeoff. In the song, Quavo reveals the group “can’t come back.”

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