Starfield: Which Society should you choose in Operation Starseed?

Operation Starseed is a side quest in Starfield that takes place in the town of Crucible in the Charybdis system. It’s certainly one of the odder side quests in the game, as you interact with famous historical figures from Old Earth, all of whom have been cloned by mysterious robots. When you show up, though, the mood around Crucible shifts and its residents want you to help them get off the planet.

Each resident of Crucible belongs to one of three Societies, which is the focal point of Operation Starseed. The Societies, which are the Pragmatists, Renegades, and Believers, all have a different idea of what they want to do in the galaxy. The Pragmatists want to simply live out their lives and try to be actual humans, the Renegades want to leave Crucible by force, and the Believers think they are destined to take over the Settled Systems.

Naturally, you are given a choice as to which Society to help in Operation Starseed. Below, you can see the outcomes of helping each Society.

First off, there are a couple of different choices you need to make during Operation Starseed. Your first choice is to decide which Society to give the Facility information to, which actually doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things. You can give the Facility information to any Society leader and the next steps in the quest will be the same.

The choice to give FDR the Facility information. | Screenshot via Upcomer

You will need to travel around the galaxy to find the Beagle ship and the security override code. With the code, you can return to Crucible to attend a meeting with the three Society leaders. Here is where your choices really begin to matter. You can see the outcomes for siding with each Society below:

  • Side with Genghis Khan – Choosing to side with Genghis Khan will result in the most deaths in Crucible. You will have to kill both Franklin Roosevelt and Amanirenas.
  • Side with Franklin Roosevelt – Siding with FDR means you will have to kill Genghis Khan, but you can also convince Amanirenas to take your side, meaning she can be spared.
  • Side with Amanirenas – This is the opposite of siding with FDR, but you will still have to kill Genghis Khan. You can convince FDR to take your side here as well and spare him.
  • All of these choices only partially affect the outcome of Operation Starseed.

Picking an option at the Facility

Once you have chosen a leader and killed whoever you need to, you will have to go and deal with the Facility. Here, you have to make another decision. The results of that decision are laid out below:

  • Reboot and restore Mission parameters – Crucible will remain the same and all of its residents will continue to be trapped. Reward: 3,000 credits.
  • Reboot and choose new Super-Admin – You will pick a permanent leader for Crucible, which can be any of the surviving Society leaders. The leader you choose will fulfill their vision for the Mission. Reward: 6,000 credits.
  • Full Project Cleanse – Kills all residents of Crucible. Reward: 2,000 credits. You can also not recruit Amelia Earhart as a companion.

What choice is best in Operation Starseed?

Operation Starseed in Starfield
Picking a Society is difficult. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The best choice here is to reboot and select a new Super-Admin. Then, you can decide what leader you believe will lead Crucible the best.

In my opinion, the best leader to pick and side with is FDR. This allows FDR to run Crucible with his modest ideals and lets Amanirenas be a part of that as well, assuming you convinced her to join your cause earlier in the quest. Genghis Khan won’t be able to set his Renegades loose across the galaxy, and Crucible gets to live as an actual society. If you choose Genghis Khan as the Super-Admin, though, the residents will leave Crucible for good.

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Of course, this is your decision, so pick whoever’s ideals align with yours the most. Just remember, you can only select a living leader to run Crucible if you pick the new Super-Admin ending. This means you need to side with the leader you want during the Society meeting in Operation Starseed. 

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